Vyuo Vya Ualimu Vya Serikali Ngazi Ya Diploma

Government Teaching Collage In Tanzania (Vyuo Vya Ualimu Vya Serikali Ngazi Ya Diploma Tanzania 2022/2023)

The Government of Tanzania is committed to providing quality education at all levels. In line with this commitment, the government has established a number of government-run teaching colleges across the country. These colleges provide training to future primary school teachers. The curriculum is designed to produce teachers who are able to deliver quality education to children in government primary schools.

The government-run teaching colleges are an important part of Tanzania’s education system. The aim of these collages is to provide quality teacher training for those who wish to enter the teaching profession. The collages will offer a three-year and two years diploma program that will prepare students for a career in teaching.

Vyuo Vya Ualimu Vya Serikali Ngazi Ya Diploma
Vyuo Vya Ualimu Vya Serikali Ngazi Ya Diploma

The Government of Tanzania is committed to ensuring that all citizens have access to quality education. The establishment of government teaching collages is one of the ways in which the government is working to achieving this goal. If you have been dreaming of becoming teacher in Tanzania then earning teaching diploma is one of the big step you may need to make to achieve your dream. Here we have provided you a list of some of the best Government Teaching Collage In Tanzania (Vyuo Vya Ualimu Vya Serikali Ngazi Ya Diploma)

Vyuo Vya Ualimu Vya Serikali Ngazi Ya Diploma Tanzania

Sn Collage Name
1 Bunda teachers college | BUNDA
2 Bustani Teachers College
3 Butimba teachers college
4 Centre for Educational Development in Health Arusha | CEDHATZ
5 Dakawa teachers college | Dakawa TTC
6 Ilonga Teachers College
7 Kabanga Teachers College
8 Karume Institute of Science and Technology
9 Kasulu Teachers College
10 Katoke Teachers College – Muleba
11 Kinampanda Teachers College
12 Kitangali Teachers College
13 Kleruu Teachers College
14 Korogwe Teachers College
15 Malya College of Sports Developments (MCSD)
16 Mamire Teachers College
17 Mandaka Teachers College
18 Marangu Teachers College
19 Mhonda Teachers College
20 Monduli Teachers College
21 Morogoro Teachers College
22 Mpuguso Teachers College
23 Mpwapwa Teachers College
24 Mtwara (K) Teachers College
25 Mtwara (U) Teachers College
26 Murutunguru Teachers College
27 Nachingwea Teachers College
28 Ndala Teachers College
29 Ndala Teachers College
30 Shinyanga Teachers College
31 Singachini Teachers College
32 Tabora Teachers College
33 Tandala Teachers College
34 Tarime Teachers College
35 Vikindu Teachers College

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