Vyuo Bora Vya Nursing Tanzania 2022 ( Nursing Collages In Tanzania)

Vyuo Bora Vya Nursing Tanzania 2022 ( Nursing Collages In Tanzania): In Tanzania, nursing is one of the most in-demand professions. It’s easy to find job opportunities as a nurse in Tanzania. This is especially true for public healthcare facilities, which are always looking for qualified nurses.

Nursing is so marketable that it can be absorbed into private or public healthcare facilities. Tanzanian nursing colleges are divided into two categories: private nursing schools and public nursing schools. But the application process is similar in both cases.

All nursing schools must be accredited by the Ministries of Education and Health. A good nursing school has a well-trained faculty, an updated curriculum, and a student-centered approach. It should also have an active research program, offer scholarships and provide students with learning resources such as computers and libraries.

Vyuo Bora Vya Nursing Tanzania 2022 | Nursing Collages In Tanzania

If you are looking for the best nursing colleges in Tanzania that provide certificates, diplomas, undergraduate and postgraduate programs, then this article is for you. Here we have provided you with a list of the best nursing colleges in Tanzania (vyuo bora vya nursing Tanzania 2022)

  1. Archbishop John Ramadhan School of Nursing
  2. Arusha Lutheran Medical Centre
  3. Bagamoyo School of Nursing
  4. Berega School of Nursing
  5. Bishop Kisula College of Health and Allied Sciences
  6. Bugando School of Nursing
  7. Bukumbi School of Nursing
  8. Bulongwa Health Sciences Institute
  9. Dareda School of Nursing
  10. Decca College of Health and Allied Sciences – Dodoma
  11. Dodoma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  12. Edgar Maranta Nursing School
  13. Elijerry Training Centre
  14. Geita School of Nursing
  15. Green Bird College – Mwanga
  16. Haydom Institute of Health Sciences
  17. Heri Nursing School
  18. Huruma Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  19. Iambi Nursing School
  20. Ilembula Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  21. Ilula Nursing School
  22. Isimila Nursing School
  23. Kabanga School of Nursing
  24. Kahama School of Nursing
  25. Kairuki School of Nursing
  26. Kam College of Health Sciences
  27. Karatu Health Training Institute
  28. Kcmc School of Nursing
  29. Kibaha College of Health and Allied Sciences
  30. Kibondo School of Nursing
  31. Kibosho School of Nursing
  32. Kigoma Training College – Kigoma
  33. Kilimatinde School of Nursing
  34. Kiomboi School of Nursing
  35. Kiuma Nursing School
  36. Kolandoto College of Health Sciences
  37. Korogwe School of Nursing
  38. Kulangwa Prinmat Nursing and Midwifery School
  39. Lugala School of Nursing
  40. Lugalo Military Medical School
  41. Lugarawa Health Training Institute (Luheti)
  42. Machame Health Training Institute
  43. Makambako Institute of Health Sciences
  44. Massana College of Nursing
  45. Mbalizi Institute of Health Sciences – Mbeya
  46. Mbulu School of Nursing
  47. Mchukwi Nursing School
  48. Mgao Health Training Institute
  49. Mirembe School of Nursing – Dodoma
  50. Mkolani Foundation Health Sciences Training Institute
  51. Mkomaindo School of Nursing
  52. Morogoro Public Health Nursing School
  53. Mtwara School of Nursing
  54. Murgwanza Nursing School
  55. Mvumi Institute of Health Sciences
  56. Mwambani School of Nursing
  57. Nachingwea School of Nursing
  58. Ndanda School of Nursing
  59. Ndolage Institute of Health Sciences
  60. New Mafinga Health and Allied Institute
  61. Newala School of Nursing
  62. Njombe Institute of Health and Allied Sciences (Njihas)
  63. Nkinga Institute of Health Sciences
  64. Nzega Nursing School
  65. Operating Theatre Management School – Mbeya
  66. Pemba School of Health Sciences
  67. Peramiho School of Nursing
  68. Primary Health Care Institute
  69. Rubya Health Training Institute
  70. Same School of Nursing
  71. Sengerema Health Training Institu
  72. Shirati College of Health Sciences
  73. Dr. Thekla Nursing School
  74. Aggrey College of Health Science
  75. Augustine Muheza Institute of Health Sciences
  76. Bakhita Health Training Institute
  77. Gaspar Nursing School
  78. John College of Health
  79. John’s University of Tanzania (Sj)
  80. Joseph University College of Health Sciences
  81. Magdalene School of Nursing
  82. Sumve School of Nursing
  83. Tandabui Institute of Health Sciences and Technology
  84. Tanga School of Nursing
  85. Tarime School of Nursing
  86. Tosamaganga Institute of Health and Allied Sciences
  87. Tukuyu School of Nursing
  88. Uyole Health Sciences Institute
  89. Yohana Wavenza Health Institute
  90. Zanzibar School of Health
Vyuo Bora Vya Nursing Tanzania 2022 ( Nursing Collages In Tanzania)
Vyuo Bora Vya Nursing Tanzania 2022 ( Nursing Collages In Tanzania)

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