Viingilio Mechi Ya Simba Vs Yanga 5/11/2023 Tickets

Viingilio Mechi Ya Simba Vs Yanga 5/11/2023: Simba club’s Information and Communication Manager, Ahmed Ally, recently shared exciting news with fans: the tickets for the highly anticipated Kariakoo Derby game against Simba’s longtime rivals, Yanga, are now available.

The game is scheduled to take place on Sunday, November 5, and will be held at the prestigious Benjamin Mkapa Stadium. In a bid to ensure a smooth and seamless experience for all fans, Simba Sc has made the decision to announce the ticket sales a week in advance.

This strategic move not only gives supporters ample time to purchase their tickets, but also helps them avoid any last-minute inconveniences or disappointment. By providing this advanced notice, Simba club demonstrates their commitment to creating an enjoyable and hassle-free event for their loyal fanbase.

As anticipation grows for the monumental clash between Simba and Yanga, fans can rest assured that they have enough time to secure their tickets and eagerly await the thrilling Kariakoo Derby.

Viingilio Mechi Ya Simba Vs Yanga 5/11/2023 Tickets

Seat Price
Platnum 150000
VIP A 40000
VIP B 30000
VIP C 20000
Machungwa 10000
Mzunguko 5000
Viingilio Mechi Ya Simba Vs Yanga 5/11/2023 Tickets
Viingilio Mechi Ya Simba Vs Yanga 5/11/2023 Tickets

Where To Buy Simba Vs Yanga Tickets?

Here are the places where you can purchase tickets for the Simba vs. Yanga game, scheduled to kick off on November 5th.

  1. Lampard Electronics – Makao Makuu Msimbazi
  2. Mkaluka Traders Limited – Machinga Complex
  3. New Tech General Traders B Supplier – Ubungo (Yenu Bar)
  4. Sabana Business Center – Mbagala Maji Matitu
  5. TTCL – Hanka Vote
  6. Juma Burrah – Msimbazi Center B Mbeya
  7. Alphan Mohamedi Ihinga – Hung!) (Rcn)
  8. Mtemba Service Company – Temeke
  9. Jackson Kimambo – Ubungo Roms()
  10. Sandaland And Sports Wear – Kariakoo
  11. Vunja Bei Maduka Yote
  12. Robert Nyanyanganya Bululu – Kigamboni Ferry
  13. Gitano Samweli – Mbagala Zakhiem
  14. Khalfan Mohamed – Ilala Bungoni Mtaa Wa Binti Kamba
  15. Karoshy Pamba Collection – Darlive Zakhiem
  16. Fusion – Posta
  17. Antonio Service Company – Sinza B Kivukoni
  18. Yenga Classic Wear Msimbazi
  19. Karume Unstopable – Karlime

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