University of Iringa UoI Fee Structure 2022/2023

The cost of enrolling in a college can be daunting. Understanding the complete breakdown of University of Iringa UoI Fee Structure its very useful when making a budget for how much you are going to pay for college, students and parents or guardians should carefully consider the fees charged by various colleges before applying.

If you have been selected to join University of Iringa and now you are looking for information about the fees charged at this university then you have come to the right place.

University of Iringa UoI Fee Structure 2022/2023

Here we have brought you University of Iringa UoI Fee Structure 2022/2023 along with important details you need to know about University of Iringa Fee Structure document.

University of Iringa UoI Fee Structure 2022/2023

University of Iringa UoI Fee Structure 2022/2023 is a document with a list of all the fees that you will be charged during your time at the University of Iringa UoI. It also includes information about how much each course costs and what services are included in those costs. This document can help you determine whether or not a University of Iringa is affordable for you, and it should always be considered when choosing a college or university.

The fee structure covers non-degree, undergraduate degree, and postgraduate degree programmes for Tanzanian students are as specified here under

  1. Certificate Fee is 770,000 per year
  2. Diploma Fee is 970,000 per year
  3. Bachelor Fee is 1,600,000 per year
  4. PGDM Fee is 2,120,000 per year
  5. PGDE-Admin Fee is 2,120,000 per year
  6. PGDE-Teaching Fee is 2,200,000 per year
  7. Master (2 Years) Fee is 2,220,000 per year
  8. Master (1 Year) Fee is 4,270,000 per year

For more information please check from the embedded pdf document below

University of iring fee

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