TRA Recruitment portal Login, Registration & Application

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TRA Recruitment portal Login, Registration & Application

Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) is providing an excellent opportunity for job seekers to explore and apply for the available positions that the organization is currently offering.

TRA’s newly launched Job Portal now serves as a central platform where interested individuals can easily search for job openings and apply online. This platform makes it easier for all stakeholders to find information about TRA’s open roles and submit their applications accordingly.

The TRA Recruitment portal is designed to assist Tanzanians in finding employment across various departments. This article aims to provide you with more information about what the Tanzania Revenue Authority Recruitment portal entails, how it can benefit you, TRA Recruitment portal online registration, login procedures, changing your password, and frequently asked questions (FAQs).

What Is TRA Recruitment portal?

Tanzania Revenue Authority presents the TRA Recruitment Portal, otherwise known as the TRA Job Portal. This cutting-edge platform is designed to enhance job search efficiency for Tanzanian individuals. It offers easy access to data related to job openings within Tanzania Revenue Authority, in addition to providing users with the convenience of electronically submitting their tailored applications.

The TRA Job Portal is designed to assist applicants looking to apply for job vacancies. It provides helpful tips and insights into upcoming aptitude tests, as well as access to the results of previous such tests. Additionally, candidates can easily track the status of their applications and receive timely updates regarding new job openings on the portal. The goal of this platform is to make the application process more convenient and streamlined.

If you are looking for a job opportunities at Tanzania Revenue Authority, the TRA Recruitment portal is a great place to start. It is a valuable tool that can help you find the right job for you and provide you with all the information you need to successfully apply for it.

Advantage Of TRA Recruitment portal

The Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA) Recruitment portal provides a great opportunity for both recruitment secretariat and job seekers in Tanzania. This platform offers numerous benefits to Tanzania Revenue Authority Recruitment department, enabling them to quickly and efficiently find potential candidates for their positions. Additionally, this online system makes it easier for TRA to advertise their jobs and also manage their application process. In essence, the TRA job Portal is designed to make the job searching process efficient and hassle-free.

For the TRA recruiting secretariat, the recruitment portal is a vital tool that saves time and money by expediting the recruitment process. Traditional means of recruiting, such as manual application screenings and in-person interviews, may be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

However, the TRA Recruitment platform allows the secretariat to automate and digitize several components of the recruitment process. This automation eliminates the need for human documentation, speeds up application evaluations, and simplifies applicant shortlisting. As a consequence, the secretariat may save time and distribute resources more effectively.

Furthermore, the TRA Recruitment platform allows the secretariat to contact a larger pool of competent individuals. The secretariat may recruit talent from diverse regions, including distant areas, by posting job positions on the platform. This broader reach enhances the likelihood of identifying qualified individuals.

For job searchers, on the other hand, the TRA Recruitment portal offers a plethora of advantages. For starters, it provides access to a wide number of work opportunities in the TRA and allied areas. The portal acts as a consolidated platform for job searchers to research many prospects in one location. This saves them the time and effort of scouring different sources and websites for employment openings. They may easily search the portal’s huge employment database for opportunities that fit their skills and interests.

The TRA Recruitment portal provides a hassle-free experience for job seekers to apply for positions anytime and from anywhere. With this added flexibility and ease of access, individuals can submit their applications without being hindered by geographical or temporal restrictions. Additionally, the online application process is designed to provide automated guidance and tools, making it simple to provide all required information as well as upload resumes and accompanying documents.

TRA Recruitment portal Login, Registration & Application

How To Apply For Jobs In TRA Recruitment portal?

To apply for Tanzania revenue authority jobs via TRA portal is Easy. All you have to do is access the TRA Recruitment portal website But before you can start to apply you must first create account and complete all registration process.

TRA Job Portal Registration Guide

Below we have list some quick steps to follow so as to register yourself in the Tanzania recruitment portal

  1. Visit
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ link on the recruitment portal home page.
  3. You will then be asked to provide your email address and password. (which will be used as a username and password respectively during your next log in to the system)
  4. Click the tab ‘Register’ to continue with the process.
  5. Confirm the password to make sure it entered correctly. Upon successful creation of an account, you will receive a confirmation email through the email address you have provided with a link to activate your account.

TRA Recruitment portal Login

After you successfully activate your account, you can now login.

To do so visit and then click on the “Login” on the main menu. There after, a login form will appear.

TRA Recruitment portal Login

You must then enter the email address and password you use during registration and then correctly enter the verification code appear on the image below the TRA Recruitment portal Login form. Make you you renter verification code exactly as appear on the image

TRA Job portal Login, Registration & Application

How To Apply For Jobs In TRA Recruitment portal

After Successful Login into TRA Recruitment Portal, You must fill all information required before you can start applying for job. You will be asked to provide Personal Info, Contact Details, Other Information, Skills, Qualifications, Experience and Reference Details.

How To Apply For Jobs In TRA Recruitment portal
How To Apply For Jobs In TRA Recruitment portal

Click ‘Search Jobs’ link to select the position then “click here to apply online”. All applicants are required to properly fill in the application form provided in the system.

Please be informed that shortlisting has been automated through the Human Resources Information System (Aruti). Therefore, a failure to fill in all the fields properly may lead to disqualification.


If you are facing errors or portal website doesn’t open please try to access it using Firefox browser or Operamini web browser

FAQs about TRA Recruitment Portal

How do I access the TRA Recruitment Portal?

To access the TRA Recruitment Portal, you can visit the official TRA website and navigate to the “Recruitment” or “Career” section. Or you can go directly here 

Can anyone apply for jobs through the TRA Recruitment Portal?

Yes, The TRA Recruitment Portal is open to all eligible applicants; however, some positions may have prescribed requirements or qualifications. It is important to review the job advertisement for detailed information about position criteria and eligibility.

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How do I create an account on the TRA Recruitment Portal?

Creating an account on the TRA Recruitment Portal is quick and easy. All you have to do is click the “Sign Up” or “Register” button on the homepage and fill out the provided form with your personal details, as well as a username and password of your choice. After that, you’re all set!

Can I edit my application after submission through the TRA Recruitment Portal?

No, you can not edit your application once it has been submitted through the TRA Recruitment Portal. As a result, it is important to thoroughly review your application before submitting it to verify correctness.

What should I do if I encounter technical issues while using the TRA Recruitment Portal?

If you experience technical issues while using the TRA Recruitment Portal, you can contact the TRA’s support team or the designated helpline mentioned on the portal or dial TRA Call Centre Tel: 0800 750075, 0800 780078 and 0800 110016 from 0800 to 1700 Hours Monday to Friday. These are Toll free numbers.

They will assist you in resolving the problem or provide further guidance.  For assistance on how to fill in the Job Application Form please make use of on line “HELP” available under the Application Form

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