Timu Zilizofuzu Robo Fainali Kombe La Dunia

Coverage: Timu Zilizofuzu Robo Fainali Kombe La Dunia | Nchi/ Mataifa yaliofuzu hatua ya robo fainali kombe la dunia 2022 | Quarter Final Qualified Teams

The world cup championship continues in Qatar as the championship reaches the quarter-final stage on December 6, 2022. There are many events and many things that many people did not expect have happened in the 2022 Qatar world cup, so far there are a total of 14 teams that have already been eliminated. . The host Qatar national football team became the first team to be eliminated, followed by various other countries that we did not expect to see saying goodbye to the competition early such as Germany, Spain, Belgium and others

Timu Zilizofuzu Robo Fainali Kombe La Dunia

Until now, the World Cup has reached the quarter-final stage where football teams from eight countries that qualified for this stage will face each other to fight for the semifinal slot. The eight teams that qualified for the quarter-finals are Croatia, Brazil, Netherlands, Argentina, Morocco, Portugal, England and France.

Timu Zilizofuzu Robo Fainali Kombe La Dunia
Timu Zilizofuzu Robo Fainali Kombe La Dunia

The quarter-final games will begin on Friday December 9 where Croatia will face Brazil and the Netherlands will face Argentina. Other quarter final games will be scheduled to kickoff Saturday December 10 where Morocco will face Portugal at 3pm and England will face France -at 7pm

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