Timu Zilizofuzu Nusu Fainali Mapinduzi Cup 2023

Timu Zilizofuzu Nusu Fainali Mapinduzi Cup 2023: The Mapinduzi Cup 2023 competition continues to be played in Zanzibar, where so far there are teams which have managed to get their tickets to qualify for the semi-finals stage after starting well in the early games of this competition. The semi-finals stage will take place on Sunday, January 8th, and Monday, January 9th 2023. The final match will be played on Friday, January 13th.

The teams that participated in the Mapinduzi Cup for the 2023 season are Azam Fc, Malindi, Jamhuri, Young Africans Fc, Singida BS, KmKm, Simba, Mlandege, KVz, Namungo Fc, Aigle Noir Fc and Chipukizi Fc.

Until now, there are teams that have closed the gaps and won in this competition, including the defending champion Simba Sports Club, who was eliminated after receiving a one-goal defeat from Mlandge Fc. Despite Simba Sc winning their second match against KVZ yesterday with a narrow victory of 1 goal, they could not get a ticket to the semi-finals because Mlandege FC has 4 points while Simba Sc ended up with 3 points.

Timu Zilizofuzu Nusu Fainali Mapinduzi Cup 2023

Below we have listed some clubs which have already secure their place on the 2023 Mapinduzi cup semi finals.

Yesterday, AZAM FC became the first team from mainland Tanzania to get a ticket for the Semi-Finals of Mapinduzi Cup 2023 after their 3-0 victory against Jamuhuri Fc from Zanzibar. In the victory, the awkward player Abdul Sopu shines more and more by returning to the club twice.  Azam overall become the second team to reach the Semi after Mlandege went ahead after winning their match against Simba Sc.

Timu Zilizofuzu Nusu Fainali Mapinduzi Cup 2023

Timu zilizofuzu Hatua Ya Nusu Fainali Mapinduzi Cup

  1. Azam Fc
  2. Mlandege Fc
  3. Singida Big Star Fc
  4. Namungo Fc

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