Tetesi Za Usajili Wa Feisal Salum Yanga Sc | Fei Toto

Tetesi Za Usajili Wa Feisal Salum Yanga Sc | Fei Toto

For the past two weeks, there have been various transfer rumors about the dangerous midfielder of Young Africans Sc Feisali Salumu known as Feitoto, where information from various sources has grown reporting that the player is on the verge of joining the Azam club owned by the big businessman Africa Bakhresa.

Tetesi Za Usajili Wa Feisal Salum Yanga Sc | Fei Toto
Usajili wa Feitoto Azam Fc | Tetesi

When opposition teams play Yanga sc in different games, Feisal Salumu has grown to be a pain for them. Fei Toto has been saved Young Africans on several occasions because to his ability to control the ball and score goals through long range shooting. As a result of his ability to score and assist, Azam Fc has shown interest in signing this prospect at Chamanzi Though there have been no any official statement from Azam Fc about their interest on the Zanzibar finest midfielder.

Feisal Salum (Feitoto) Transfer To Azam Fc

The information that has been reported recently is that Fei Toto has already started the procedures to join the Azam club, where among the steps he has been able to take is to pay the costs of breaking his contract with the Young Africans Sc Club. This has been reported through the Wasafi Fc page saying “It is said that Yanga Sc’s midfielder, Feisal Salim (Fei Toto) has managed to break his contract with Yanga and sign a new contract with the rich of the city of Dar es Salaam, Azam Fc for a period that has not yet been disclosed.”

Tetesi Za Usajili Wa Feisal Salum

According to reports, discussions between Yanga and Fei to amend the deal encountered a snag, prompting the star to switch sides in order to acquire what he required in the contract he signed. According to Wasafifm

Fei who signed to serve Yanga for the first time in 2018 and has served Yanga for three and a half years with one and a half years remaining after adding another three-year contract that reached the end of June 2024.”

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