Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration | TCZ Registration

Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration | TCZ Online Teacher Registration

In today’s digital age, everything has gone online, including registering as a certified teacher in Zambia. The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) has embraced this change and now offers an online registration platform for aspiring teachers. This move has made the registration process more accessible and easier for individuals seeking to pursue a career in education. This article dives into the details of the Teaching Council of Zambia’s online registration platform and its advantages to the applicants and the TCZ. Furthermore, we provide an outline of the online registration procedure as well as guidance to guarantee a successful enrollment.

About The Teaching Council of Zambia TCZ

The Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ) was formed by the Teaching Profession Act No. 5 of 2013 and its primary objective is to ensure that all teachers in the country meet the minimum standards for quality education. To this end, the TCZ has implemented strict registration processes for aspiring teachers to ensure that these requirements are met before certification. With this in place, it is easier for school administrators and parents to feel confident that their children are receiving an optimal education from qualified professionals.

Functions of Teaching Council of Zambia (TCZ)

  1. To register teachers;
  2. Controlling the professional conduct of teachers;
  3. To promote, maintain and improve appropriate qualification levels in the teaching profession and promote continuous professional development among teachers;
  4. To develop, promote and implement internationally comparable standards of professional practice in order to improve the moral quality among teachers;
  5. Create awareness of the importance of protecting the public from inappropriate teaching practices and ensure that the ethical principles and guidelines of the profession meet the expectations of the public and those who rely on the teaching profession;
  6. Investigate allegations of professional misconduct and impose sanctions as necessary;
  7. To advise the government in matters concerning the teaching profession;
  8. Facilitating access to knowledge for teachers through the establishment of technical libraries, and the provision of financial grants, books, equipment and any other equipment necessary to achieve that;
  9. To raise the character and status of the teaching profession to promote respectable and good practice and when necessary, to declare any type of teaching as unsuitable for all, to increase public confidence in teachers;
  10. Promote, protect and develop the general interest of teachers.

Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration

The Teaching Council of Zambia has made an outstanding advance by launching TCZ Portal for registration. It provides an accessible and convenient opportunity for those seeking teacher certification. This system enables individuals to create profiles, upload their documents, cover costs and monitor their application’s development. Additionally, the TCZ has made TCZ Portal achievable to apply for authorization from any area, making it feasible for those living in secluded regions to access the registration method.

Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration | TCZ Registration

How do I register for teaching Council of Zambia Online?

To ensure successful completion of the Teaching Council of Zambia Online Registration process, please the steps outlined below.

  1. Prior to starting the Teaching Council of Zambia Online Registration process, applicants must secure a registration form. These forms can be obtained from Debs/if in Lusaka, the Data Center on Mwambula Road in Jesmondine, or directly from the TCZ website (www.tcz.ac.zm). Obtaining a form is an essential step in the overall process and should not be overlooked.
  2. It is important that you provide accurate information when completing the registration form. Make sure to fill out all sections of the Application form for it to be accepted.
  3. In order to process the application within the applicant’s category, a deposit of the application fee must be made in Zanaco (Bill Muster), and proof of this deposit is required for confirmation.
  4. Before submitting your Teaching Council of Zambia Online Registration Form, please be sure to include one passport size photograph, verified copies of both your academic and professional qualifications, a bank deposit slip, and a certified copy of your NRC.
  5. Please collect the original receipt pertaining to your transaction from the Accounts Unit at TCZ.
  6. Foreigners (Non- Zambian) need to provide extra paperwork and receive authorization from the Zambia Qualification Authority (ZAQA) in order to be eligible.
  7. Once you complete all the paperwork as required in application form and you have the bank deposit slip in hand, the next move is to send in the documents to the relevant agency. Residents of Lusaka can submit their forms to the Data Center at Jesmondine on Mwambula Road.

For more detailed information on Teaching Council Of Zambia Online Registration please check the video tutorial provided below.

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