South Africa Matric Result 2022 Online Check

Breaking News: Minister of Basic Education, Angie Motshekga, declared the South Africa Matric Result 2022 with a remarkable pass rate of 80.1%, even in the face of hardships caused by the pandemic and electricity outages. Her congratulations and commendations were expressed in high regards.

In 2022, 834,565 total candidates (both full and part-time) wrote the NSC Matric exams – which is an increase of 4.3% from the previous year 2021. Of these, 725,146 were full-time candidates, representing an increase of 3.0%, while the part-time contingent numbered 109,419, which was a rise of 14.3%.

It should be noted that number of candidates registered for the 2022 NSC exams totaled nine hundred and twenty thousand, six hundred and thirty four – a slight rise of 2.6% in comparison to 2021. Of these applicants, seven hundred and fifty two thousand, three were taking the exams full-time – also a 2.6% increase year-on-year; while part-time candidates totalled one hundred and sixty eight thousand, six hundred and thirty one, rising by 2.9% from the previous year.

It is noteworthy that, despite the detrimental difficulties such as Covid 19 which 100% affected how learner go to school, the Class of 2022 managed to maintain a relatively high performance rate according to the Department of Basic Education’s tracking in the previous years. The Class had an average of 78.4% in Grade 10 in 2020, 80.0% in Grade 11 in 2021, and 78.8% in Grade 12’s Term 1 of 2022.

South Africa Matric Result 2022 Overall Performance

The Class of 2022 achieved an overall NSC pass rate of 80.1% in matric exam results 2022, a significant 3.7% improvement from the 2021 Class, who recorded 76.4%. This remarkable achievement consists of 580 555 successful candidates, 7.9% more than in the previous year.

It should be noted that while the number of students who passed the NSC exam for the Class of 2022 is the highest in its history, when expressed as a percentage, that of the Class of 2019, which attained 81.3% pass rate, stands out as the highest so far. This means that more students have passed the NSC examination this year than any other previous year.

The ministry attributed the increase in pass rate to enhanced quality control measures, which it said have been introduced into the system. The measures include more stringent teacher training and certification, as well as regular review of examination centres by experts.

In the 2022 Matric Examination, 278,814 candidates have qualified for Bachelor studies at universities—an 8.9% increase from 2021. This equates to 38.4% of the total number of exam-takers, the highest number ever in NSC history and the second highest percentage recorded.

The number of students who achieved a diploma pass in the 2022 matric examinations surged to 193,357 – an 8.9% increase from 2021 and representing 26.7% of all testtakers. In addition to that; This year saw a 4.1% uptick in the number of applicants that earned a Higher Certificate pass in the 2022 matric exam – reaching 108,159 – compared to the previous year, comprising 14.9% of the total applicants in the 2022 NSC exams.

South Africa Matric Result 2022 Online Check

South Africa Matric Result 2022 Pass rate per province

Below is the matric results pass rate per province in South Africa for the 2022 Academic Year

  1. Free State: 88.5 %
  2. Gauteng: 84.4 %
  3. KwaZulu Natal: 83 %
  4. Western Cape: 81.4 %
  5. North West: 79.8 %
  6. Eastern Cape: 77.3%
  7. Mpumalanga: 76.8%
  8. Northern Cape: 74.2 %
  9. Limpopo: 72.1%

South Africa Matric Result 2022 Online Check

South Africa Matric Result 2022 Online Check

South Africa’s Department of Basic Education officially released the Matric Results for 2022 and all candidates can now access their results from different website online and also from the school they sit for exam. If you have not yet check your results then now may be the good time to know how you did in your matric exam and what will be your education future basing on your result.

You can check your matric result right now using any of the links provided below.

  1. Check your result from News24 Here>>
  2. Check your result from department of basic education website Here >>

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