Singida Interview Candidates Names Announced 08 November 2023

Singida Interview Candidates Names Announced 08 November 2023: The Director of the Municipality of Singida informs all applicants for Class II Driver jobs, in accordance with the Job Vacancy Announcement with Archive number HM/SI/T.41/91/29 dated 26/07/2023, that the process of the interview will be held. let it be done. Those who have successfully passed the interview will be assigned their job positions. The 21 candidates selected for this interview should consider the following important points

  1. The practical interview will be held on 13/11/2023 starting at 7:30 am at the Singida Municipal Hall located in Singida City.
  2. The face-to-face interview (for those who will be successful) will be held on 14/11/2023 starting at 7:30 in the morning at the Municipal Hall in Singida City.
  3. The certificate review will begin at 1:30 am before the screening test/ face-to-face interview begins.
    Remember to bring identification for identification; i.e. National Identity Card (NIDA) and Driver’s License, Original and valid Certificates from the Fourth, Sixth and Diploma depending on the applicant’s qualifications are mandatory.
  4. Remember to bring the original birth certificate.
  5. Testimonials “Provisional Results, Statements of Results” Fourth and Sixth Form Results (Form IV and VI) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED
  6. Each interviewee will pay for their own food, travel and accommodation.
  7. For applicants whose names did not appear in this announcement, they should realize that their application was unsuccessful and do not hesitate to apply again once the job vacancies are announced.

Singida Interview Candidates Names Announced 08 November 2023

Singida Interview Candidates Names Announced

The Municipality of Singida is has announce today November 08 2023 that the names of the candidates selected to attend the interview stage. This marks a major step forward in the municipality’s efforts to fill several key positions and build a strong team to support its growth and development. Below are the selected candidates.

Sn Name Sex Address
1 Frank Gilbert Shambwe Me Dar-Es-Salaam
2 Lucas Raymond Tairo Me S.L.P 465 Dodoma
3 Makalius Yohanes Kihonza Me S.Lp 2982 Mbeya
4 Emmanuel Mwandambo Simbeye Me S.Lp 196 Mbozi, Songwe
5 Amos Gabriel Mwakolela Me S.L.P 474 Moshi
6 Joshua Zabron Henry Me S.L.P 236 Singida
7 Elibariki Ninzwa Nkuku Me S.Lp 152 Kiomboi Singida
8 Brian Eliuter Ngolongolo Me S.Lp 9004 Dar Es Salaam
9 Imam Ally Selemani Me S.L.P 12346 Dar Es Salaam
10 Justin Fumbuka Ndaki Me Dar Es Salaam
11 Mussa Ramadhani John Me S.Lp 45,Tarime
12 Godfrey Christopher Maeda Me S.L.P 236 Singida
13 Sharifu Rajabu Ntunduu Me S.L.P 236 Singida
14 Yahaya Hamisi Yahasa Me S.Lp 898 Singida
15 Daudi Christopher Kipando Me Sip 171 Kiomboi,Sgd
16 Yasin Ally Miraji Me S.Lp 20950 Dar Es Salaam
17 Bahati Moshi Hassan Me S.L.P 1075
18 Abouljumaantony Me S.L.P 236 Singida
19 Hashimu Shabani Nkwangu Me S.Lp 236 Singida
20 Antony Samwely Nolle Me S.L.P 79990 Dar Es Salaam

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