Simba Day 2023; Ratiba, Matukio & Viingilio

Ratiba Ya Simba Day 2023 | Viingilio Katika Siku Ya Wanasimba: Simba SC Club has recently announced the exciting festivities that will be held on their special day, known as Simba Day. Following the successful inauguration of ” Siku Ya Wananchi or Yanga Day” by Yanga SC, Simba SC is gearing up to celebrate their own day in a grand manner.

The highly anticipated Simba Day 2023 is scheduled to take place on August 6, 2023. This announcement was made by Ahmed Ally, the Information and Communications Manager of Simba SC. With this celebration, Simba SC aims to bring together their loyal fans and showcase their gratitude for the unwavering support they have received. The upcoming Simba Day promises to be a remarkable event filled with joy, excitement, and a deep sense of camaraderie.

Simba Day 2023; Ratiba, Matukio & Viingilio

Ratiba Ya Simba Day 2023 | Viingilio Katika Siku Ya Wanasimba

Simba Day 2023 is set to be an exciting event for Simba fans in Tanzania and East Africa. It’s a day dedicated to introducing both the new and returning players on the Simba Sc squad.

Fans will have the opportunity to get to know the official Lions squad that will be representing the club in domestic and international competitions in the 2023/2024 season which is schedule to kickoff on August 15. In addition to player introductions, Simba Day 2023 promises to be filled with entertainment from various local artists. To top it off, there will also be a friendly match, allowing fans to witness the skills of the new players on the football field.

Viingilio Simba Day 2023 Tickets

Simba SC has yet to release any official information regarding the ticket prices for entry into the Benyamin Mkapa stadium during Simba Day 2023. However, it is anticipated that the ticket prices will remain consistent with last year’s rates.

Based on previous events, it is expected that the seats in the circle will be priced at 5000 Tanzanian shillings, the orange seats at 10,000 shillings, and the VIP B & C sections at 20,000 shillings. Please note that these figures are subject to change until the official announcement is made by Simba SC. Tickets will be available from the following centers.

  1. Vunjabei (Sinza, Kinondoni, Mbeya. Kivukoni)
  2. Viewblue Skyline (Mikocheni)
  3. Newtech General Traders (Ubungo(Yenu Bar)
  4. Sabana Business Center (Mbagala Maji Matitu)
  5. Saggaf Traders (Magomeni Mwembechai)
  6. Edwin Machumu – Chacha Investment Ilala
  7. Jackson Kimambo -Ubungo Rombo
  8. Sandaland Classic Wear (Kariakoo)
  9. Merere Sports Wear (Kariakoo)
  10. Kivukoni/Magogoni (Ferry)
  11. Fusion Sports Wear (Posta Mpya)
  12. Mtemba Service Company (Temeke)
  13. Alphan Mohamed – Ilala Bungoni
  14. Mkaluka Traders Ltd – Machinga Complex
  15. Xinovo Co Ltd (Mbeya, Kivukoni, Msimbazi)
  16. Kibacho Juma (Morogoro)
  17. Gitano Samweli (Mbagala Zakheim)
  18. Makjuice (Sinza Afrika Sana)
  19. Mwanaidi Yusufu Izina (Morogoro – Tuliani)
  20. Godwin Fredy Mmari (Geita – Mjini Mtaa Wa Mkoani)
  21. Twisty Investment (Geita-Mjini Soko La Madini)
  22. Gwambina Lounge (Uwanja Wa Sigara)
  23. Lampard Electronics (Msimbazi Klabu Ya Simba)

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