Saudi Pro League Top Goal Scorers 2023/2024

Saudi Pro League Top Goal Scorers 2023/2024: The Saudi Pro League is ready for an exciting 2023/24 season, with a lots of Europe starts stars joining the league thanks to CR7 effect. The coveted Golden Boot race promises to be an exciting spectacle, which will keep fans on the edge of their seats throughout the campaign. The initial spark was lit by none other than Al Ahli’s latest signing, former Liverpool striker Roberto Firmino. His first league game at the club was a sensation, as he took the field with a stunning hat-trick.

In addition, 26-year-old Brazilian Malcom, wearing the colors of Al Hilal, showed off Firmino’s brilliance by scoring a stunning hat-trick in a 3-1 away win. However, the stage is just being set, for a thrilling competition as multiple players gear up to challenge Firmino and Malcom for the Golden Boot.

Abderrazak Hamdallah, the reigning top scorer from last season, is motivated to hold onto his title and lead Al Ittihad’s attacking efforts. Joining him is his talented teammate Karim Benzema, who brings his own unique artistry to the Saudi Pro League and poses as a strong contender.

This drama promises to intensify as these players showcase their skills on the field. Competition on the battlefield extends beyond just Al Ittihad. Al Hilal, a team that always dominates, strengthens its ranks with the influential presence of Sergej Milinkovic-Savic. This central midfielder has a unique talent for passing accurately and scoring goals, injecting something interesting into the match.

Al Nassr, too, is not to be outdone, boasting two talented players who shine with plenty of star power. Cristiano Ronaldo and Talisca, both household names in world football’s biggest community, bring their unique skills and finesse to the fight. Although they looked on the sidelines during their teams’ opening match, their entry into the fray promises to make a big difference.

Saudi Pro League Top Goal Scorers 2023/2024

Saudi Pro League Top Goal Scorers 2023/2024

Determining top scorers is more than just counting goals. In the event of a tie, assists will play a key role in breaking the tie, showcasing the versatility of these exceptional athletes.

Additionally, considering the fewest minutes played, as per the practice set by FIFA in major international tournaments, adds a surprising amount of complexity to the equation.

Saudi Pro League Top Scorers 2023/2024

Rank Player Goals (PKs) Club Assists Matches
1 Malcom 3 (0) Al Hilal 0 1
1 Roberto Firmino 3 (0) Al Ahli Saudi 0 1
2 Igor Coronado 2 (0) Al Ittihad 0 1
3 Fashion Sakala 1 (0) Al Feiha 1 1
3 Abdulaziz Al Harabi 1 (0) Al Ta’ee 0 1
3 Ricardo 1 (0) Al Feiha 0 1
3 Hisham Al Dubais 1 (0) Al Khaleej 0 1
3 Ahmed Abdu Jaber 1 (0) Al Shabab 0 1
3 Moussa Dembele 1 (0) Al Ettifaq 0 1
3 Sultan Mandash 1 (1) Al Feiha 0 1
3 Saad Bguir 1 (0) Abha 0 1
3 Feras Albrikan 1 (0) Al Fateh 0 1
3 Andrei Burca 1 (1) Al Akhdoud 0 1
3 Andrei Girotto 1 (0) Al Taawoun 0 1
3 Abderrazak Hamdallah 1 (0) Al Ittihad 0 1
3 Sadio Mane 1 (0) Al Nassr 0 1
3 Knowledge Musona 1 (0) Al Riyadh 0 1
3 Robin Quaison 1 (0) Al Ettifaq 0 1
3 Vina 1 (0) Al Hazem 0 1

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