SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Administration

SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Administration

SARIS ITA is an acronym that stands for Student Academic and Registration Information System by the Institute of Tax Administration. SARIS ITA is an online database that can be accessed by authorized persons (teachers, parents and students) from anywhere to keep track of student data. The data is stored in a secure manner and is available only to those who are authorized to access it.

In addition, the system helps the Institute Of Tax Administration to maintain accurate records of all their students from birth till graduation. It also helps in making sure that each child receives an equal amount of attention from teachers and staff at school, which helps them perform better academically and socially as well

What Can Be Done With ITA SARIS?

This system helps student to perform the following online:

  • Register student particulars (once)
  • Register semester courses
  • Update registered courses
  • Edit/Update some of personal particulars
  • View semester results
  • Send queries/problems to the appropriate faculty/directorate/Unit
  • View fee payment status and statements for each academic year
  • View University announcements

The ITA student academic registration information system is powered by a web-based application system that must be utilized by any student who wishes to enroll in any TRA Institute Of Tax Administration courses. We will provide you step-by-step instructions to help you become acquainted with the SARIS ITA system and explain the activities/functions in the Student Unit.

SARIS ITA Registration Guide

For better results we recommend you to use one of the browser listed below when accessing the system

  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Google crome
  • Opera

Accessing ITA Student Academic and Registration information system

To register for the Institute of Tax Administration’s Student Academic and Registration Information System, go to the Institute of Tax Administration’s official website by clicking here.>><< Scroll down the Home page until you find “student life” on the right sidebar of the website, then click on “ICT services.” as shown below

SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Administration
SARIS ITA-TRA Institute Of Tax Administration

You will then be redirected to another website. Once the website has completely loaded, click on “SARIS” on the left, as shown below.

Accessing SARIS ITA
Accessing SARIS ITA

Soon after completing the preceding step, you will be sent to the SARIS ITA Login page.


You can Access Institute Of Tax Administration SARIS directly simply by click on the link below

>>>Institute Of Tax Administration SARIS Page<<<

SARIS ITA Registration

If you have recently been admitted into the Institute of Tax Administration and this is your first time using the Saris system, you should begin by enrolling. To do so, on the saris page that appears after the previous stage, click “Create New.”

There after, registration form (shown below) will appear and you must fill in required information correctly then Hit “Submit

SARIS ITA Registration
SARIS ITA Registration

Follow the on-screen instructions until you have successfully filled out all of the essential information. After completing Registration, you will get a success message and be brought to the login screen, where you may begin using the system using your username (your Registration number) and password (created in when registering)


For REGISTERED USERS (After registering your particulars): After completing the initial phase of the registration procedure, you will now be able to use the system. To reach the system login page, complete the steps outlined above.

SARIS ITA Login page direct link >>>>><<<<< There after you will be required to provide your username and password to login into your account.

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