Pugu Secondary School Results 2023 | ACSEE & CSEE

Pugu Secondary School Results 2023 | ACSEE & CSEE | Matokeo Ya Pugu Secondary 2023 | Pugu Secondary School Form Six Results 2023 | Pugu Secondary NECTA Results

Pugu Secondary School is a well-known secondary and advanced level school located in the Pugu area, on the outskirts of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. The school is registered with the National Examinations Council of Tanzania (NECTA) under registration number S0147, providing students with quality education for many years.

The secondary school which was known as Saint Francis, was named after the former President of Tanganyika, Julius Nyerere, who was famous as “Mwalimu”. The name “Mwalimu” was given to him when he was a teacher at Pugu Secondary School in the early 1950s when he was the only native teacher in the school.

With its pristine surroundings, Pugu Secondary School stands out as a pillar of educational excellence in Tanzania, allowing its students to chase their aspirations while gaining access to top-notch learning opportunities.

This tranquil campus in the Gongolamboto area is the perfect place for pupils to both flourish academically and grow personally. Taking academic performance into account, Pugu High School has produced many successful graduates and has made a great contribution in various fields in Tanzania and elsewhere. The school’s commitment to providing quality education has made it a popular choice among students and parents in Tanzania.

Pugu Secondary School Results 2023 | ACSEE & CSEE

Pugu Secondary School has established itself as a one among best school in Tanzania that offer quality education at a very cheap cost, and one of the most sought-after schools by parents and students alike.

Over the years, the school has nurtured and produced many successful students who have gone on to join various universities across the country.

Pugu Secondary School has done an amazing job in setting its students up for success, boasting excellent teaching staff and high-quality facilities. It’s a wonderful place to learn and to grow, offering an all-round education that prepares its pupils for the future.

As a result, the school has built a good reputation for success in education, which has made many parents continue to send their children to that school.

The school has a record of producing good students who succeeded not only academically in form four and form six exam results but also in various curricular activities, including sports, music and drama.

Checking Pugu Secondary School Form Six Results 2023

If your child has recently completed their studies at Pugu Secondary School, you may be eager to keep track of their academic progress, especially as they are waiting for their NECTA form six exams results. Fortunately, you no longer need to physically visit the school to access your child’s results.

With the convenience of online access, you can easily monitor your child’s performance from the comfort of your own home, or anywhere else with an internet connection.

Visit https://necta.go.tz/acsee_results

Select the year you’d like to view the results for e.g 2023

Once you have reached the list of all high schools, you can narrow your search by selecting schools whose names begin with the letter “P.” To accomplish this, simply filter the list by clicking on the letter “P,” and you’ll instantly get an optimized list of schools whose names begin with that letter as shown on the image below.

Pugu Secondary School Results 2023 | ACSEE & CSEE
Pugu Secondary School Results 2023

Then click on the name “Pugu Secondary School” to check Pugu Secondary School Results for 2023 academic year. You can print, save or screenshot the results for further reference.

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