PGSS 7 Salary Scale Tanzania 2023

PGSS 7 Salary Scale Tanzania 2023: If you have applied for many government jobs through the employment website, you might have come across different titles like PGSS 7, TRAS 4, PHTS, PSS, SAIS, PRSS 1.1, TGOS A, AGCS, TGRS , PSOS A, SAIS A, and more.

These are the different levels of salaries in the government sector at various levels, often mentioned in the salaries and wages section of government job advertisements. Here, we will provide you information about the salary ranges of PGSS 7 and other similar posts in the government sector.

The PGSS 7 salary range is determined by the government and varies by post level. For example, TRAS 4 indicates a higher salary level compared to PGSS 7. Similarly, other abbreviations like PHTS, PSS, SAIS, PRSS 1.1, TGOS A, AGCS, TGRS, PSOS A, SAIS A, etc. , to represent different levels of wages at the public workers level.

Understanding these salary ranges can help you gauge wages associated with different government jobs. It is important to review the specific salary information provided in each job posting to gain a detailed understanding of the compensation provided for a particular position. This can help you make informed decisions when applying for government jobs and negotiating salaries.

What is PGSS 7 Salary Scale Tanzania?

The PGSS 7 Salary Scale, also known as the Tanzania Government Salary Scale PGSS 7, is the standard salary structure for government employees in Tanzania. The salary scale is classified into different grades, with each grade representing a specific level of responsibility and experience. The PGSS 7 Wage Scale is updated regularly to reflect changes in the cost of living and inflation rates, ensuring that workers are properly compensated for their work.

The PGSS 7 Salary Scale Tanzania is comprised of different grades designed to befit a job position or category. Each grade has its own criteria, which can include varying elements such as job complexity, educational requirements, relevant skill sets and years of experience necessary to fill said position, as well as the duties or responsibilities expected of that role. Let’s examine some of the commonly found grades within this salary scale in greater depth:

Example Of Positions With PGSS 7 Salary Scale

PGSS 7 Salary Scale Tanzania

PSS G.3    1,692,000.00
 PSS G.4    1,723,000.00
 PSS G.5    1,754,000.00
 PSS G.6    1,785,000.00
 PSS G.7    1,816,000.00
 PSS G.8    1,847,000.00
 PSS G.9    1,878,000.00
 PSS G.10    1,909,000.00
 PSS G.11    1,940,000.00
 PSS G 12    1,971,000.00

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