Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Morogoro 2022

Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Morogoro

Morogoro is one of the areas with the best climate and a strong educational infrastructure. Because the region is close to both the capital Dodoma and the well-known city of Dar es Salaam, it is an excellent location for numerous development operations.

Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Morogoro
Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Morogoro

Morogoro Region officially started in 1962 with three Districts which are Morogoro Kilosa and Ulanga. It is the second largest Region in the country at the moment, preceded by the Tabora Region. The State Headquarters was in Morogoro town where the Head of State also had his residence and office there. The first African Member of Parliament to lead the State was the late Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere.

Morogoro region is divided into seven administrative districts: Morogoro, Mvomero, Kilosa, Kilombero, Ulanga, Malinyi, and Gairo. The Region contains seven District Councils, one Municipal Council, and the Ifakara Town Council, according to the Local Government Structure. Kilosa, Gairo, Kilombero, Morogoro, Ulanga, Mvomero, and Malinyi are among the District Councils. There are 11 constituencies, 214 wards, 673 villages, 295 streets, and 3,452 neighborhoods in the area.

If you reside in Morogoro or are planning a move there and are searching for a list of schools that are nearby that your children may attend, you have come to the right place. Here is a list of Morogoro’s secondary schools. ( Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Morogoro )

Orodha Ya Shule Za Sekondari Mkoa Wa Morogoro

Below we have listed all schools located in different Morogoro region districts

List of Secondary Schools In Morogoro Dc

  1. S0521 – Matombo Secondary School
  2. S0861 – Nelson-Mandela Secondary School
  3. S2166 – Kiroka Secondary School
  4. S2741 – Singisa Secondary School
  5. S3213 – Gwata Secondary School
  6. S3217 – Tununguo Secondary School
  7. S5185 – Mkulazi Secondary School
  8. S0896 – Kizuka Secondary School
  9. S4686 – Bwakira Juu Secondary School
  10. S0839 – Ngerengere Day Secondary School
  11. S2171 – Kisaki Secondary School
  12. S2168 – Tawa Secondary School
  13. S4728 – Kibogwa Secondary School
  14. S1168 – Mkuyuni Secondary School
  15. S3215 – Kolero Secondary School
  16. S2170 – Bwakirachini Secondary School
  17. S3212 – Mikese Secondary School
  18. S2169 – Kisemu Secondary School
  19. S3216 – Tegetero Secondary School
  20. S3218 – Kibungojuu Secondary School
  21. S2739 – Mtombozi Secondary School
  22. S2740 – Lundi Secondary School
  23. S3214 – Fatemi Secondary School
  24. S0878 – Milengwelengwe Secondary School
  25. S2520 – Selembala Secondary School
  26. S5363 – Kizagila Secondary School
  27. S4984 – Tomondo Secondary School
  28. S2167 – Kinole Secondary School
  29. S3219 – Mvuha Secondary School

List of Secondary Schools In Gairo DC

  1. S0759 – Gairo Secondary School
  2. S1972 – Sekwao Secondary School
  3. S3843 – A.M. Shabiby Secondary School
  4. S5476 – Majembwe Secondary School
  5. S5571 – Chagongwe Secondary School
  6. S4437 – Njungwa Secondary School
  7. S4167 – Iyogwe Secondary School
  8. S3525 – Chakwale Secondary School
  9. S3588 – Nongwe Secondary School
  10. S3842 – Kibedya Secondary School
  11. S5570 – Chanjale Secondary School
  12. S3613 – Rubeho Secondary School

Other Districts

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