NIDA online Registration | Mfumo Wa Maombi Ya Kitambulisho Cha Taifa NIDA

NIDA Online Registration | Jinsi Ya Kujisajili  Na Mfumo Wa Maombi Ya Kitambulisho Cha Taifa NIDA | Kutengeneza kitambulisho cha Nida Online

The NIDA Application system, also known as the NIDA eonline Registration System, is a cutting-edge service that has been developed to provide an efficient and hassle-free way for Tanzanian citizens or residents to apply for their National ID.

This system is designed to be accessible from anywhere, allowing applicants to fill out the necessary forms electronically without having to visit a physical office or stand in long queues.

The new NIDA Registration System is designed to provide applicants with a convenient and efficient option for submitting their applications for the National identity card.

The system is designed with user-friendly interface which simplifies the application process by guiding applicants through the necessary steps, ensuring that all requested information is accurately provided. With no need to worry about manual paperwork and stay on the long lines, applicants can enjoy a hassle-free experience.

The national identity card has never be this easy after the establishment of Mfumo Wa Maombi Ya Kitambulisho Cha Taifa NIDA. All required is for applicant to fill out the electronic form, they will be required to print it out and submit it to the NIDA Office located in their district.

The applicant will also need to bring other necessary documents to complete the registration of their biometric marks, such as fingerprints and passports size picture.

How To Create Account In NIDA Online Registration System

To create an account on the NIDA Application system, you will need to follow these steps:

Go to the NIDA website: Start by visiting the NIDA website at

Click on “Jisajili/Create Account”: On the homepage, click on the “Jisajili/Create Account” button as shown on the image provided below

NIDA eonline Registration | Mfumo Wa Maombi Ya Kitambulisho Cha Taifa NIDA

Enter your email address which will be used for registration verification and then enter your password you wish to use when login and select your citizenship type.

After you provided all required details, complete the human verification Captcha and then clik on the “Create account button.

You will then receive email with verification link to activate your NIDA eonline system account. Click on the link and you will be taken to login page.

NIDA Online System Login | Mfumo Wa Maombi Ya Kitambulisho Cha Taifa NIDA

To login NIDA eonline registration system you must provide your email address and password you used when creating your account and click on “Ingia” Button. After signing in to your account, you can fill out the National ID application form electronically and submit it to the nearest NIDA Office for biometric registration processing. Be sure to provide all necessary documents when submitting your application.

Kutengeneza kitambulisho cha Nida Online

Required Document When Using NIDA eonline System

When applying for a National Identity ID, it’s important to understand that certain information is mandatory. This data is critical for the registration process, as it helps protect against fraud and malicious actions like identity theft. The requirements provide essential insight into an applicant’s personal particulars and help create a secure environment where the integrity of their personal identity can be maintained.

Some of the compulsory citizens’ details required when applying for a National Identity ID include

  1. Applicant’s birth certificate
  2. Copy of birth certificate / oath of one parent.
  3. If the applicant’s citizenship is heirs: verify with a copy of the birth certificate or a copy of the National ID of one parent.
  4. If the applicant’s citizenship is registered, verify with a copy of the applicant’s registered citizenship (Dossier Number).

It is important to ensure that all the mandatory information requested is provided correctly and truthfully, in order to avoid delays in the registration process or rejection of the application.

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