Nchi/ Timu Zilizofuzu 16 Bora Kombe La Dunia 2022

Nchi/ Timu Zilizofuzu 16 Bora Kombe La Dunia 2022: The world cup competition continues to be held in various stadiums in Qatar, with football fans all over the world witnessing various things that have left many people open-mouthed to wonder what happened.

It is no doubt that so far the world cup competition has been very exciting, with many people watching it in their homes with big screens, as well as in stadiums where large crowds gather to cheer on their favorite team.

It is also an undeniable fact that there are many people who believe that this World Cup will be the most expensive of all time, with Qatar reported to spend approximately more than $200 billion to host the tournament.

This amount is almost 10th more than what Russia spent on hosting the last World Cup in 2018, thus raising concerns about how Qatar could afford such a huge expenditure.

This 2022 Qatar World Cup will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the most competitive World Cups, while the teams from Africa and Asia, which appeared to have poor capabilities, have competed fiercely with European champions and produced results that have surprised many people.

Here we’ll be bringing you the team qualify for the 2022 word cup round of 16 (Nchi/ Timu Zilizofuzu 16 Bora Kombe La Dunia 2022) as the competition progress.

Nchi/ Timu Zilizofuzu 16 Bora Kombe La Dunia 2022

Nchi/ Timu Zilizofuzu 16 Bora Kombe La Dunia 2022

The table below show the list of team which have already secure their ticket to world cup round of 16 (Nchi Zilizofuzu 16 Bora Kombe La Dunia). This table will be timely updated as more team qualify until all group stage match finishes.

Group Group Leader Group Runnerup
A Netherlands National Team Senegal National Team
B England National Team USA National Team
C Argentina National Team Poland National Team
D France National Team Australia National Team
E Japan National Team Spain National Team
F Morocco National Team Croatia National Team
G Brazil National Team Switzerland National Team
H Portugal National Team South Korea National Team

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