Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi Ya Mwendokasi 2023

Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi Ya Mwendokasi 2023

New Transport Fare For BRT Buses: The Land Transport Regulatory Authority (LATRA) has raised the prices of online taxis, e-bikes, and the popular Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) (Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi Ya Mwendokasi 2023). The main route express bus ticket is now Sh 750 from Sh 650, the feeder route is Sh 500 from Sh 400, the feeder route including the main route is Sh 900, and the route from Kimara to Kibaha is Sh 700.

Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi Ya Mwendokasi 2023
Nauli Mpya Za Mabasi Ya Mwendokasi 2023

Habibu Suluo, General Director of Latra, stated yesterday in a news conference in this city that the new tariff will be implemented in 14 days. He stated that the minimum and maximum prices for online taxis transporting no more than four people are Shs 3,000 and Shs 4,000, respectively. The route costs a minimum of Sh500 and a maximum of Sh1,000.

The lowest fare per kilometer is 800 Sh, while the highest is 1,000 Sh. The fare each minute is Sh 80, with a maximum cost of Sh 100. The price for calling transportation is 3%.

He said that the lowest commission rate is 10%, the highest rate is 20%, and the Latra charge is between 0.5 and 1%.

He also added that for motorbikes capable of carrying no more than two passengers for a trip of less than one kilometer, the minimum rate is Sh1,000 and the maximum rate is Sh1,500, the fare to begin the trip is Sh250 and the maximum rate is Sh350, the fare per kilometer is Sh300 and the maximum rate is Sh400.

Fares per minute are Sh 500 and Sh 700, respectively, while price per minute is Sh 50 and Sh 70.

The charge for calling transportation is 2%, the commission is 10%, and the maximum rate is 20%.

A motorcycle with a capacity of no more than three passengers costs Sh2,000 and the maximum is Sh2,500; the starting fare is Sh350 and Sh500; the fare per kilometer is Sh500 and Sh600; the fare per minute is Sh70 and Sh90; the fee for calling transport is 2.5 percent; the commission is 10% and 25% for the higher fare; and Latra is 0.5 percent and one percent.

He stated that the rates of online taxis and online motorbikes have been a concern for certain service providers, but now that the changes have been made, they have the option to continue offering services or not.

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