National College of Tourism Fee Structure | Ada Ya Chuo Cha Utalii

Coverage: National College of Tourism Fee Structure | Ada Ya Chuo Cha Utalii 2022/2023  

National College of Tourism Fee Structure is a document usually provided by a National College of Tourism which outlines the fees charged for tuition, room and board, and other associated expenses. This document is designed to help students and their families plan for the costs of attending college before coming to the collage.

The National College of Tourism document typically contains information on the following:

  •  The cost of tuition and fees for the academic year
  •  The cost of room and board for the academic year
  •  Other associated expenses, such as books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses

While the Fee Structure document can be a helpful tool in budgeting for child college need, it is important to remember that the actual cost of attendance may vary depending on the student’s individual circumstances. Students should always consult with the financial aid office at college to get an estimate of their actual cost of attendance.

National College of Tourism Fee Structure | Ada Ya Chuo Cha Utalii

National College of Tourism Fee Structure | Ada Ya Chuo Cha Utalii

National College of Tourism Fee Structure For Technical Certificate

Ada Ya Chuo Cha Utalii ka kozi mbalimbali za astashahada

  1. Tuition Fee  Per Year Tsh 1,200,000
  2. Excursion Fee paid Once Tsh  100,000
  3. Examination Fee Per Year Tsh  50,000
  4. Caution Money paid Once Tsh  50,000
  5. Students Union Contribution Per Year Tsh  10,000
  6. Students Identity Cards paid Once Tsh  5,000
  7. Health Insurance Paid Once Tsh 50,400

National College of Tourism Fee Structure For Diploma Courses

  1. Tuition Fee is Tsh 1,250,000 which is paid Per Year
  2. Excursion Fee is Tsh 100,000 paid Once
  3. Examination Fee is Tsh 50,000 paid Per Year
  4. Caution Money is Tsh 50,000 paid once
  5. Students Union Contribution is Tsh 10,000 paid Per Year
  6. Students Identity Cards is Tsh 5,000 paid once
  7. Health Insurance is Tsh 50,400 paid once

Other Expenses

  • Students are required to pay Tshs. 240,000/= to an identified tailor for pairs of uniforms
  • Hostel for those who would wish to stay in the Campus isTshs. 50,000/= per month and they are located in Temeke Campus

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