Names Called For The Interview At Rombo District Council

Names Called For The Interview At Rombo District Council: The Executive Director of Rombo District Council wishes to inform job applicants for the positions of Driver Class II, Kipp Executive Class Ill, and Record Keeper Class II that the interview is expected to be conducted from 21-09-2023 to 24-09- 2023 starting at half past one in the morning (01:30 am), the interviewees who are called to the interview should follow the following instructions:-

The interview will be held from the date as shown in this announcement, the time and place where the interview will be held is specified for each Cadre.

  1. Every Interviewee should have an ID for identification, valid IDs include:- Resident ID, Voter ID, Work ID, Citizenship ID or Passport.
  2. The interviewees must come with their ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES, starting from birth certificate, form IV, VI, Diploma, Diploma and driver’s certificate as well as a valid driver’s license for drivers’ cadre applicants.
  3. Each interviewee will pay for their own food. Transportation and Accommodation
  4. Each Interviewee should consider the date, time and place he was scheduled to conduct the interview
  5. For applicants who studied outside of Tanzania, make sure their certificates have been checked and approved by the relevant authorities (such as TCU. NACTE or NECTA)
  6. Job applicants whose names did not appear in this advertisement should note that they do not meet the criteria. Therefore, do not hesitate to apply again when the job vacancies are announced and comply with the requirements of the relevant announcement
  7. Interviewees who submit Testimonials, Provisional Results, Statement of results, forms IV and VI results slips (form V and form VI results slips) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTERVIEW
  8. The interviewee is not allowed to bring a phone or any electronic device to the interview area.

The interview schedule for each cadre is as shown in the table below

Names Called For The Interview At Rombo District Council

Names Called For The Interview At Rombo District Council

Sn Jina Mwombaji Anwani
1 Alfonce Erasto Kanduta 693550436
2 Alpha Okoth Joro S.L.P 52 Mkuu Rombo
3 Beltod Barnabas Tengi S.L.P 7330 Dar Es Salaam
4 Christopher A. Massawe S.L.P 52 Mkuu Rombo
5 Christopher M. Moshi S.L.P 448 Morogoro
6 Denis Biko Kahemele   S.L.P 36009 Kigamboni Dar Es Salaam
7 Edufas Hermens Urassa   S.L.P 28036 Kisarawe
8 Emmanuel Meshack Mollel   S.L.P 276 Arusha
9 Ephraim Kokinda 742170078
10 Ezekiel A. Mwangosi S.L.P 30112 Kibaha Pwani
11 Fasto C. Kazi S.L.P 2565 Dodoma
12 Frank Emmilian Mhagama S.L.P 76219 Dar Es Salaam
13 Gasper John Mrosso S.L.P 52 Mkuu – Rombo
14 Godlove W. Mungure S.L.P 67 Hai Kilimanjaro
15 Hemedi M. Juma S.L.P 68 Mwanga
16 Ibrahim Miraji Juma S.L.P 36234 Kinondoni
17 Ismail Rashid Ngole S.L.P Dodoma
18 Jackson Petro Alfonce S.L.P 11640 Arusha
19 Jeremia Kimati Msangi S.L.P 266 Mwanga
20 Joachim N. Kilokoto S.L.P 3041 Moshi
21 John Wilfred Mkindwa S.L.P 145 Mkuu – Rombo
22 Joseph T. Mtenga S.L.P 225 Moshi Kilimanjaro
23 Josephat William Shayo 742088205
24 Joshua Feddy Mahenge S.L.P 1265 Iringa
25 Julius Livingstone Shedrack S.L.P 20 Monduli
26 Juma Musa Bakari S.L.P 33 Kilosa Morogoro
27 Kelvin Albin Massawe S.L.P 103 Mkuu – Rombo
28 Lucas John Matoke S.L.P 207 Himo
29 Mochiwa Andrew Mtili S.L.P Arusha
30 Mohamed M. Ngaiza S.L.P 11488 Mwanza
31 Mohamedi Bashiru Sheshui S.L.P 7804 Moshi
32 Nikasi Aloyce Mboya S.L.P 75 Moshi Kilimanjaro
33 Oswald Eliakim Saria S.L.P 60225 Dar Es Salaam

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