Names Called For Interview At Nyang’hwale District Council

Names Called For Interview At Nyang’hwale District Council

Names Called For Interview At Nyang’hwale District Council: The Executive Director of the Nyang’hwale District Council would like to inform all job applicants that the interview for the position of Drivers ll (Position 8)’ Special Secretary/Office Clerk (Position 03) and Memory Assistant ll (Position 02) is expected to be held in Msalala Secondary School starting at 02:00 in the morning as follows


Candidates Shortlisted For Interview For Special Secretary/Writer Office Driver II

No Jina Jinsi Anuani
1 Febronia Julius Kalekwa Ke S.L.P 40 Geita
2 Sifael M. John Ke S.L.P 181 Nyang’hwale
3 Zena Juma Maseule Ke S.L.P 360 Sumbawanga
4 Rukia Ally Ke S.L.P 174 Tabora
5 Spensiosa Felician Massawe Ke S.L.P 3041 Moshi
6 Juliana Michael Michael Ke S.L.P 174 Tabora
7 Leticia John Bihongo Ke S.L.P 174 Tabora
8 Hawa James Tengo Ke S.L.P 347 Tabora
9 Chausiku Mongu Masatu Ke S.L.P 116 Chato Geita
10 Elieth Kalumna Theresphory Ke S.L.P Ukerewe
11 Maria James Bizoya Ke S.L.P 131 Mulebakagera
12 Boaz Samwel Matinde Me S.L.P 163 Tarime Mara
13 James Victor Manyalla Me S.L.P 250 Dar Es Salaam

Names Called For Interview At Nyang'hwale District Council

Names Called For Interview At Nyang’hwale District Council

For complete list of all candidates shortlisted for Interview Nyang’hwale District Council June 2023, please download the official announcement from the link provided below.

Nyang’hwale Interview Shortlisted candidates

Things Consider When Attending Interview At Nyang’hwale District Council

  1. Each Interviewee should have an ID for identification, examples of IDs are; Resident ID, Nida ID, voter’s ID, passport, driver’s license or identification letter from the Village/Street Government.
  2. The interviewees are required to come with a ACTUAL WETI \ /AO from birth certificate, form IV, Vl and professional certificate depending on the applicant’s qualifications as well as driver’s license.
  3. Interviewees who submit Testimonials, Provisional Results, Statement of results form lV and Vl result slips (form lV and Vl results slips) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AND WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTERVIEW.
  4. For applicants who studied outside of Tanzania, make sure their certificates have been verified and approved by the relevant authorities (such as Tcu, NACTE, or NECTA)
  5. Each interviewee will pay for food, travel and accommodation.
  6. Job applicants whose names have not appeared in this advertisement should realize that they do not meet the criteria, so do not hesitate to apply again when the job vacancies are announced again in accordance with the requirements of the relevant advertisement

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