Names Called For Interview At Mafia District Council

Names Called For Interview At Mafia District Council ( Majina ya walioita kwenye usaili Mafia): The Executive Director of the Mafia District Council wishes to announce to job applicants for the Driver job vacancies announced on 28/09/2C that the interview will be held as follows:

The interview will be held on Sunday, 20/11/22 at 08:00 am in the Mafia District Council. The interview is open to all candidates hose name appear on the list of shortlisted candidates attached below this article.

  • Muda: Saa 2.00 Asubuhi Mahali: Ukumbi Wa Mikutano Wa Mhe.Mkuu Wa Wilaya Ya Mafia

Names Called For Interview At Mafia District Council

For complete liste of applicants shortlisted for the interview at Mafia district council please check the pdf document embedded below. Note: You need to read carefully and understand all instruction to avoid being disqualified during interview due to minor mistakes


Names Called For Interview At Mafia District Council

In addition, interviewees called to the interview should follow the following instructions:-

  1. All selected candidates for the interview should arrive at the interview venue with original certificates (Form four/form six). Driver’s certificate, birth certificate and driver’s license
  2. Each interviewee will pay for their own food, travel and accommodation
  3. Each interviewee should have Ids for identification. Accepted IDs include resident ID, voter ID, citizenship ID or passport.
  4. Respondents who submit Provisional Result will not be accepted.
  5. Applicants whose names do not appear on this list and requested to note that they do not meet the required criteria
  6. You are also advised to visit the website of the Mafia District Council ( iii to get information about any changes in case they appear.

How To Get To Mafia: When you are in Dar es Salaam, you will board cars going to Mbagala Rangi three colors. get off, go to the Mbagala stand, three colors, get on the mwandege cars. When you arrive, fly from 12:00 to 2:00 in the morning, take a car to Nyamisati where you will find a ferry to reach Mafia.

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