MU ARMS Login | Mzumbe University Academic Records Management System 2023

MU ARMS Login | Mzumbe University Academic Records Management System | MU arms E Learning; University of Mzumbe Academic Records Management System (MU ARMS) is a web based system designed to manage and maintain the academic records of students at the University of Mzumbe, a public university located in Tanzania. The system is responsible for recording and storing information related to student registration, academic performance, course schedules and grading.

Mzumbe University MU ARMS System

MU ARMS is an online system designed to help university staff manage, maintain, and track student academic records. It provides 24/7 access to authorized staff members with the ability to update student grades, view transcripts and course schedules, as well as other related information. Students at Mzumbe University can also access their own records through MU ARMS.

This system aims to enhance efficiency, accuracy and security in the management and maintenance of academic records. Eliminates record keeping processes in lockers and reduces the possibility of errors and inaccuracies in student records. It also enables quick access to student records and promotes transparency in the university’s academic management.

MU ARMS Login | Mzumbe University Academic Records Management System

What Can Be Done With Mzumbe University MU ARMS System?

Mzumbe University’s Academic Records Management System (ARMS) provides a wide range of functionalities and capabilities to manage academic records. Here are some of the things that can be done with MU ARMS System:

  1. Student registration: With Mzumbe University MU ARMS system, new students can be easily registered within a matter of minutes and administration can capture all registered students easily and without any hustle
  2. Course scheduling: Course schedules can be created using this system, which includes information such as course codes, timings, and locations.
  3. Academic record keeping: The system provides a centralized platform to store and manage academic records, including student grades, attendance, and academic progress.
  4. Graduation management: The system helps to manage graduation processes, including the verification of academic requirements and the issuance of graduation certificates.
  5. Student portal: The system helps students track their academic progress, view their examinations results and access their semester academic records.
  6. Reporting and analytics: The system’s reporting and analytical capabilities allow administrators to generate reports and analyze academic data.
  7. Students’ Bills Payments; Mzumbe University MU ARMS system also allows students to easily pay their bills online. This makes it easier for students to get their accounts paid and also reduces the workload of staff members at the university who have been responsible for managing payments.

Mzumbe University MU ARMS Login

If you are new students at Mzumbe University or continuos but you don’t know to to login to your MU ARSM account then You have coemt to the right place. Follow the steps listed below to log in to Mzumbe University Academic Records Management System (ARMS)

  1. Visit the Mzumbe University official website at
  2. Click on the “MU-ARMS” link located on the top menu bar as shown on the image below.


  1. On the ARMS page, enter your username and password in the log in form.
  2. Then click on the “Login” button to access your ARMS system account.

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