Mshindi Wa Bongo Star Search 2023 BSS Winners

Mshindi Wa Bongo Star Search 2023 Mshindi Wa BSS 2023 | Bongo Star search season 13 Winner | Washindi Wa Bss 2022/2023 Tanzania

The Bongo Star search competition which aims to bring out young talented singers in Tanzania has come to an end last night after the final competition to find the three winners who have been handed cash. These competitions have been held once a year and involve various stages where in each stage there are participants who are eliminated due to their failure to perform better than other participants.

Since its inception in 2006, Bongo Star Search (BSS) has showcased a wide range of talented singers from all over the country. The show has helped launch the careers of many artists, including some who have gone on to achieve international success. Among some of the past BSS winner and current great hit maker in Tanzania is Kayumba who is the man behind some of the hit son like Bomba, Baishoo, Mama and many more.

Mshindi Wa Bongo Star Search 2023 BSS Winners

The Bongo Star Search 2023 winners have just been announced, and we are very excited to share the news with you! The first prize goes to solo artist Asagwile Mwasongwe, who take home the 2023 Bongo star search 1st Prize: twenty Million Tanzanian Shillings. Second prize goes to Leonard Sunday who awarded 3 million shillings. Lastly, third prize goes to Patrick Alsina  and awarded takes 1 million Tanzanian Shillings.

Asagwile Mwasongwe Mshindi wa Bongo Star Search 2023

Asagwile Mwasongwe
Asagwile Mwasongwe On BSS 2023 Final

Mshindi Wa Pili Wa Bongo Star Search 2023 Leonard Sunday

Leonard Sunday
BSS 2023 Second Winner

Mshindi Wa Tatu BSS 2023 Patrick Alsina

Patrick Alsina
Third Winner Patrick Alsina | Bongo Star search 2023

The minister of culture, arts and sports, Mohamed Mchengerwa, has promised to contribute 7 million shillings to the winners. He also promised to register them for free and give them certificates of recognition by BASATA to all the winners in the top three.

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