Mshahara Wa Feisal Salum Azam Fc 2023

Fei Toto Salary At Azam Fc | Mshahara Wa Feisal Salum Azam Fc 2023: 

One of the news that shook the social networks and various sports media in Tanzania is the registration of Feisal Salumu, also known as Fei Toto or Zanzibar Finest, who hopes to join the Ramba Ramba members of Chamanzi Azam Fc in one of the registries that cost a lot of money in this small window of registration. Fei Toto has been involved with Azam Fc for some month now and different media have been reporting that he accepted a favorable Azam Fc deal which include a huge salary per month.

Mshahara Wa Feisal Salum Azam Fc 2023
Mshahara Wa Feisal Salum Azam Fc 2023

Many of football fans have been left with ther mouth wide opened after hearing what Feisal Salub earn an Yanga Sc which many believe is very low comparing with the star service at the club. It has been reported that Toto has been paid 4millions Tanzania shilling which is way too low for a player with such talents and contribution on the club to be paid.

Mshahara Wa Feisal Salum Azam Fc 2023

According to various reports circulating on social media, Feisal Salum is claimed to get roughly 16 million Tanzanian shillings per month to play for Azam Fc, which is said to have already secured the signature of the star from Zanzibar. With a bet, Feisali Salumu can now be the highest paid Tanzanian player in the NBC Premier League.

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