Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Azam 2022/2023

Azam Fc Player Salary Per Month (Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Azam 2022/2023)

Azam Fc is one of the new teams in the major league in Tanzania which has already written a great record beating some of the oldest teams in the country. The team was founded in 2004 and it’s based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Azam Fc is one of the teams that have been able to reach high in the Tanzania Premier League and this has made it one of the strongest teams in the country. The team has won several awards and records since its formation, including winning the Tanzanian Premier League title in 2017.

Due to the large investment made in Azam Fc, this club has become one of the best clubs in Tanzania at the moment, this is after being able to register players and coaches with a great profile and talent in the game of football. The team has been able to get some of the best players in Tanzania and this has seen them perform well in various competitions.

Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Azam 2022/2023

There no doubt that behind the success of Azam Fc is the investment made by the Bakhresa Group. The team has been able to attract some of the best coaches and players in Tanzania because they are able to pay them well, which is something that other clubs have not been able to do.

This has seen the club perform well in different domestic and international competitions and win a number of trophies in the past few years. Here we’ll take a look at how much top football players earn at Azam Fc (Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Azam 2022/2023).

The first thing that you should know is that there are no official records of how much football players earn at Azam Fc or any other club in Tanzania. This is because most clubs don’t make their financial information public and it’s not required by law. However, we can use some data from previous years to estimate what kind of salary players might be earning today.

Player Name Salary Nat.
Abdalla Kheri $1.13Th. Tanzania
Abdul Haji Omary Tanzania
Abdul Hamisi Suleiman 9Million
Accra Great Olympics €12.5Th. Ghana
Aggrey Morris $5Th. Tanzania
Ahmed Ali Suleiman $1.98Th. Zanzibar
Ally Mwadini $1Th. Tanzania
Ashraf Malolo Bashiru Tanzania
Ayubu Lyanga $1.2Th. Tanzania
Bruce Kangwa €5Th. Zimbabwe
Charles Zulu €15Th. Zambia
Daniel Amoah $2.4Th. Ghana
David Mwantika $3Th Tanzania
Edward Charles Manyama $1.3Th. Tanzania
Frank Domayo €5.2Th. Tanzania
Ibrahim Ajibu $2.5Th Tanzania
Iddy Seleman Nado $1.5Th. Tanzania
Idris Mbombo €15Th. DR Congo
Ismail Aziz 3Million Tanzania
Kenneth Muguna $1.9Th. Kenya
Khleffin Salum Hamdoun Tanzania
Laurent Alfred Laurent 2.3Million Tanzania
Lusajo Mwaikenda Tanzania
Mpiana Monzinzi $6.2Th. DR Congo
Nicholas Wadada €9Th. Uganda
Oscar Masai $0.98Th. Tanzania
Paul Katema $2Th. Zambia
Prince Dube €10Th. Zimbabwe
Rodgers Kola €35Th. Zambia
Shaaban Idd Chilunda €1.75Th. Tanzania
Sospeter Bajana $3.2Th. Tanzania
Stephane Kingue $10Th. Cameroon
Tepsi Evance Theonasy 4million Tanzania
UE Santa Coloma €15Th. Comoros
Wilbol Maseke 2.7Million Tanzania
Yahya Zayd $1.8Th. Tanzania
Yvan Mboudou $11Th. Cameroon
Zuberi Foba Masudi 1Million Tanzania
Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Azam 2022/2023
Mishahara Ya Wachezaji Wa Azam 2022/2023

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