Mchezaji Anaeongoza Kwa Magoli Mengi Duniani

Mchezaji Anaeongoza Kwa Magoli Mengi Duniani (Wachezaji wenye magoli mengi duniani) 

Scoring a goal is a very important part of football. Scoring a goal is what every player on the pitch is striving for. The importance of scoring goals cannot be overstated because it determines who wins the game and which team becomes victorious. In fact, if you are a player and your team has not scored any goals then there may be no chance of winning the match.

The art of scoring goals in football is not easy because it takes a lot of skill, effort, and determination. But there are some players who have mastered the art of scoring goals and made it looks so easy that it’s almost like they are doing it effortlessly. These players have a knack for scoring goals and can do so in different angles, with their heads or feet. They have great shooting ability and know how to make use of the chances they get.

They know exactly where to place the ball and how to do it in order to score a goal. These players are often referred to as scoring machines and their ability to score goals has made them legendary in the world of football.

Here are some of the most prolific goal scorers (Mchezaji Anaeongoza Kwa Magoli Mengi Duniani) in the history of football: These players have scored so many goals that they are considered legends and their names will be remembered for years to come.

Mchezaji Anaeongoza Kwa Magoli Mengi Duniani

Mchezaji Anaeongoza Kwa Magoli Mengi Duniani

The table below contain the all time best goal scorers in world of football as at 2022.

Player Name National Goals Games Played Seasons
Cristiano Ronaldo Portugal 819 1142 2002-Present
Josef Bican Austria 805 530 1931-55
Lionel Messi Argentina 788 997 2004-Present
Romário Brazil 772 961 1985-2009
Pelé Brazil 767 831 1956-77
Ferenc Puskás Hungary 741 746 1943-66
Gerd Müller Germany 735 793 1962-83
Jimmy Jones Northern Irish 647 614 1946-65
 Robert Lewandowski Germany 583 798 2006-Present
 Zlatan Ibrahimović Sweden 572 982 1999- Present
Eusébio Portugal 547 596 1957-79
????? Jimmy McGrory Scotland 528 415 1922-37
Isidro Lángara Spain 525 414 1930-48
Zico Brazil 522 773 1971-94
 Luis Suárez Uruguay 528 880 2005-Present
 Hugo Sánchez Mexico 516 883 1976-97
Alfredo Di Stéfano  Spain & Argentina 509 706 1945-66
Ferenc Bene Hungary 508 493 1961-85
Roberto Dinamite Brazil 507 838 1971-1992
Jef Mermans Belgium 500 629 1937-60
Gunnar Nordahl Sweden 498 548 1937-58
Uwe Seeler Germany 489 592 1954-78
Stjepan Bobek Croatia 480 554 1944-59
Imre Schlosser Hungary 475 388 1905-22
Henrik Larsson Sweden 471 874 1988-2010
Jimmy Greaves British 466 660 1957-79
Alberto Spencer Ecuador 451 662 1953-1972
Gyula Zsengellér Hungary 448 433 1933-52
Rivaldo Brazil 446 1033 1989-2015
Dixie Dean England 442 601 1923-40

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