Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Maua Seminary Secondary School Contacts & Maua Seminary Secondary School Results: Maua Seminary was established in 1970 by Franciscan Capuchin Missionaries from Switzerland, with just 30 students. It has grown considerably since then. The school presently have 254 Form I-VI students from all around Tanzania studying at Maua Seminary. The first Form IV students graduated in 1973. It had been issuing Ordinary Level (CSEE) Certificates since that time until 1981, when Advanced Level of Form V – VI (ACSEE) was added.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results

The Seminary is located within the juridical boundary of the Catholic Diocese of Moshi which is in the North Eastern Tanzania at the slopes of Mountain Kilimanjaro, about 50 Kilometres from Moshi Town Centre. The altitude at the Seminary is 1666 Meters above the sea level. The school mission is to provide a high quality secondary education to the students, with holistic formation aimed at forming Tanzanian boys for Priestly and Religious Vocation.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results
Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees, Contacts & Results

Maua Seminary Secondary School Fees

For some reason, Maua Seminary Secondary School does not publish its tuition fees, therefore if you are seeking for this school’s tuition fee, we recommend that you contact the school directly using the contact information mentioned below or visit the school in person.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Results

Maua Seminary Secondary School performed well in the National Necta examinations in 2021. By performing well in the Necta examinations, Maua Seminary was able to dominate the Kilimanjaro region and rank sixth nationwide in the academic season 2021. The school has a very good reputation in the region and is known for its high academic standards. It provides a good education to students from all over Tanzania.

If you are a student or a parent who is looking for a good education, this school may be the perfect place for you or your son to get a head start on his future career and achieve his life goals due to the high level of education provided as well as proper disciplinary training.. Maua Seminary Secondary School has an excellent academic record and is one of the best schools in Tanzania.

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The following courses or combinations are offered to advanced level students: PCM, PCB, PGM, CBG, EGM, HGE, and HGL. Some of the teachers at Maua School are monks, while others are merely normal teachers who have received advanced training and use cutting-edge methodologies. There are sufficient facilities, including, among others, classrooms and two labs with tools and instructional aids that make it easy for students to comprehend.

Maua Seminary Secondary School Contacts

If you have any query or you would like more expansion please contact the Maua secondary administration using the contact details listed below

Maua Seminary Secondary School Subjects Offered

Code Subject Name
11 Civics
12 History
13 Geography
14 Bible Knowledge
21 Kiswahili
22 English Language
31 Physics
32 Chemistry
33 Biology
41 Basic Mathematics

Qualifications required for joining Maua seminary

To enter the Franciscan Seminary Maua, a person must first be a male, a practicing member of the Catholic church, and have received the sacrament of Baptism according to the Catholic church, as well as first Holy Communion, but he may obtain first Holy Communion at the seminary after admission. He must be well-mannered and socially acceptable in their society.

If a student wishes to attend Maua Seminary for form one, they must have passed their standard seven national exams as well as the examination that is generally used as an interview for admission to Maua Seminary. If they are chosen, all admissions information will be forwarded to the address they provided during the interview.

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