Matric Results 2022 Newspaper Pdf Download

Matric Results 2022 Newspaper Pdf Download: This week, the much-anticipated Matric results of 2022 are due to be announced. 900,000 students have taken part in the exam, which is 3% more than the 2021 figures, with representation from all provinces, including those taking the exam both full-time and part-time.

The Matriculation Examination results for Class 2022 will be available promptly at the stroke of midnight on Thursday, 19 January. Last year’s matric exams-takers will be able to acquire their results directly from The Department of education matriculation result portal and schools here they sit for the exam. The matriculation examinations are conducted by the Department of Basic Education in South Africa.

The exams are taken by all students at the end of grade 12 and determine whether they can go on to tertiary education, vocational training or employment. Here we’ll take you through other ways to access the Matric Results 2022 other than checking the results by downloading Newspaper Pdf method which has been suspended

Will There Be Matric Results 2022 Newspaper Pdf Download

This year there will be no Matric Results 2022 Newspaper Pdf Download. This is because the  Department of Education has decided to stop releasing the results in newspapers.

At the start of 2022, the Department of Basic Education declared that matric results could not be shared publicly due to the Protection of Personal Information Act. Consequently, this year matric results has become more restricted than it has been in past years.

Prior to the enforcement of the Protection of Personal Information Act, all major daily newspapers used to make the provinces Matric Results available to the public on the same day they were released.

Although the entire result would not be listed in the newspaper, the results would show whether the individual had passed or not, alongside a symbol indicating the pass grade, such as B for Bachelor’s Pass and D for Diploma. But now, all students will have to pick their results from the school they sit for exam instead of checking their matric results 2022 on newspaper pdf which can be downloaded online or purchased on the street.

Matric Results 2022 Newspaper Pdf Download
Matric Results 2022 Newspaper Pdf Download

When the Protection of Personal Information Act was enforced, newspapers were no longer allowed to publish matric results and the system has since been abandoned in favors of a more secure method that only allows the release of results to individuals themselves. This is to prevent any fraudulent use of personal information by third parties, who could potentially sell the results for money.

Matric Results 2022

The Matric Results 2022 is officially released by South Africa department of basic education. The performance of students in Matric results 2022 in all provinces have improved. This is reported by the department of basic education when release the matric results for the class of 2022.

Below is the performance of all providence

  1. Free State: 88.5 %
  2. Gauteng: 84.4 %
  3. KwaZulu Natal: 83 %
  4. Western Cape: 81.4 %
  5. North West: 79.8 %
  6. Eastern Cape: 77.3%
  7. Mpumalanga: 76.8%
  8. Northern Cape: 74.2 %
  9. Limpopo: 72.1%

Over results of 2022 pass rate: 80.1 %

MatricResults 2022 Top Achievers

MatricResults 2022 Top Achievers first and second
MatricResults 2022 Top Achievers first and second

MatricResults 2022 Top Achievers

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How To Check Matric Results 2022/2023?

With just hours until the matric exam results for the class 2022 are announced, there’s no need to stress yourself about where to accessing them considering this year results will not be published on Newspaper. Here are some of the ways you can view your result once they become available.

Get Your Matric Results 2022 Online

The matric results Results for public or government high school students can be accessed through the Department of Basic Education’s website. To access the information, one needs to provide the following login credentials.

  • Examination number
  • Home Language
  • Your personal details such as name, surname, etc.

You can check your results online via the department of basic education website at Remember that website traffic is expected to be high once the DBE make official announcement on the release of results. This can lead to delayed responses.

Get Your Matric Results At Your School

After the matric results are published, your school will make your personal record of achievement for each course accessible the next day. This is not a recognized matric certificate; however, you will be able to collect the official hard copy of the matric certification a few months later, the exact time frame to be notified by the school.

Get your Matric Results via SMS 2022

If you wish to get your matric results directly from your mobile phone as message, you may need to follow the steps listed below

  1. Open a new SMS message from your phone
  2. Enter your ID Number and Exam Number in the message
  3. To be accepted, both numbers must contain 13 digits
  4. Send an SMS to the following number: 35658
  5. You should be aware that the SMS will be charged R3,00 (Free SMS is not applicable).
  6. Your ID number and exam number will be verified. Incorrect numbers won’t work.
  7. Once your results are available on 23 February 2023, you will receive them.

Once you complete these steps you will then receive an sms message which contain your results as shown below.

IEB Exam Results Hi Name

Subject1 Percentage1 Rating Level1 Subject2 Percentage2 Rating Level2 Subject3 Percentage3 Rating Level3


  • IEB Exam Results
  • Hi Peter
  • N12ACCO 67 (5)
  • N12AFRS 82 (7)
  • N12MATH 43 (4)

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