Matric Results 2022/2023 Top Achievers

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For the last 10 years, The Matric Results Awards has recognized the most outstanding students from around South Africa. Every year, these highly accomplished learners are chosen for their exceptional academic performance and commitment to excellence in their studies.

With Matric Exam Results 2022 just around the corner, the competition to be one of the top achievers is heating up. With so much pressure to reach the top of the class, it can be difficult for students to know what they need to do in order to stand out from their peers. In this blog article, we dive into who these top achievers are and look on ho they prepare before sitting for the Matric examinations.

Matric Results 2022/2023 Top Achievers

Below we’ll bring you all provinces matric results top achievers once the results released by the department of basic education which is expected to be tomorrow January 19 2023 .

The results will be available on the department of basic education website at and also on the websites of all provincial departments of education . You will find the compiled list containing all provinces matric results top achievers below once the results released by the department of basic education .

Top Achievers for the Matric Class Of 2022.


How the Top Achievers Prepared for Their Success

Topping the matric results is no easy feat. It takes months of hard work and dedication to achieve such an impressive feat. So, how did these top achievers prepare for their success?

  1. For starters, they made studying a priority. They set aside time each day to hit the books, and they made sure to review their notes regularly. Additionally, they sought out extra help when needed and didn’t hesitate to ask questions.
  2. They also knew how to manage their time effectively. They planned out their study schedule in advance and stuck to it as much as possible. This allowed them to make the most of their study time and avoid last-minute cramming sessions.
  3. Last but not least, they had a positive attitude towards exams. Instead of seeing them as a daunting task, they viewed them as an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills. This mindset helped them stay calm and focused during the exam period.

So there you have it – the secrets to the top achievers’ success! If you’re hoping to achieve similar results, be sure to put in the hard work and adopt a positive attitude.

Previous Year Matric Results Top Achievers 2021/2022

Despite the difficulties encountered by the 2021 matriculants, a few students stood out and shone in their academic pursuits. These exemplary individuals were the top academic performers of the matric class of 2021.

Matric Results 2022/2023 Top Achievers

In 2021, the Independent Examinations Board National Senior Certificate exam achieved an impressive 98.39% pass rate, a slight increase from the 98.06% rate in the prior year. Among the SAHETI student body, Jade Harrison stood out. She obtained a remarkable average score of 88.3%, and earned an impressive ten distinctions.

SAHETI’s number one candidate, Ariane Angelopulo, achieved a staggering nine distinctions, in addition to attaining an incredible average of 95.5%. IEB acknowledged her exemplary performance, ranking her among the highest 5% nationally for her successes in six or more subjects.

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