Matokeo Mbeya City Vs Yanga Leo 6 June 2023

Matokeo Mbeya City Vs Yanga Leo 6 June 2023 | Matokeo Ya Yanga Leo Vs Mbeya City | Matokeo Mbeya City Dhidi Ya Yanga Ligi Kuu Ya NBC Tanzania

Mbeya City FC and Young Africans Sport Club are scheduled to play each other in a highly-anticipated match on June 6, 2023 at 12:00 UTC as part of the Premier League competition.

Mbeya City FC has already faced off against Young Africans Sport Club once this season, and the upcoming game promises to be an exciting battle on the football field. Mbeya City FC currently holds the 12th position in the league standings, while Young Africans Sport Club takes pride of place at the top with their first position secured. Stay tuned for what’s sure to be a thrilling match between these two talented teams!

Both teams have already squared off once this season, and as a result, they’re familiar with their opponent’s playing style. Despite being ranked 12th in the league, Mbeya City FC is determined to showcase their abilities and climb up the standings. They are bringing their resilience and determination to the field as they face off against the formidable Young Africans Sport Club. The main goal for Mbeya City FC is to secure a victory over their opponents.

On the other side, Yanga Sport Club holds the top position of NBC Premier league table. Their consistent performance throughout the season has placed them at the pinnacle of success. As they step onto the pitch, they will strive to maintain their winning streak and extend their lead at the top.

Matokeo Mbeya City Vs Yanga Leo 6 June 2023

Mbeya City Vs Yanga Sc
⚽️ Mbeya City?Young Africans SC
? 06.06.2023
⏱ Saa 10:00 Jioni
? Uwanja wa Sokoine
? #NBCPremierLeague
Matokeo Mbeya City Vs Yanga Leo 6 June 2023
Matokeo Mbeya City Vs Yanga Leo 6 June 2023

Matokeo Ya Mbeya City Vs Yanga Sc H2H

Date Home Score Away
2022/11/26 Yanga Sc 2 – 0 Mbeya City
2022/06/25 Mbeya City 1-1 Yanga Sc
2022/02/05 Yanga Sc 0-0 Mbeya City
2020/09/13 Yanga Sc 1- 0 Mbeya City
2020/02/11 Yanga Sc 1-1 Mbeya City
2019/12/24 Mbeya City 0-0 Yanga Sc
2018/12/29 Mbeya City 1 – 2 Yanga Sc
2017/11/19 Yanga Sc 5 – 0 Mbeya City
2017/05/13 Yanga Sc 1- 0 Mbeya City

Mbeya City Vs Yanga Sc Previous Match Highlight

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