Maombi Ya Vyuo Vya Afya 2023/2024 | NACTE Application for Health and Allied Sciences

Maombi Ya Vyuo Vya Afya 2023/2024 NACTE | Udahili wa vyuo vya afya 2023/2024 | NACTE Application for Health and Allied Sciences 2023/2024

Do you have a strong desire to work at a hospital and make a difference in the field of healthcare? This is a great chance if you have completed your secondary education or advanced level secondary education! The National Council for Technical Education (NACTE) has opened its admissions window for certificate and diploma learners and applications for Health and Allied Sciences programs are presently being accepted. In this article, we’ll go over everything you need to know about applying to these programs.

Maombi Ya Vyuo Vya Afya 2023/2024 NACTE

The National Council for Vocational Education and Vocational Training (NACTVET) is has announced that the 2023/2024 admission window for Certificate and Diploma Level programs in a variety of colleges has commenced. The admissions window will be open from May 21st through June 30th 2023. We urge all prospective students to apply during this period to increase their chances of enrolling in these highly valued courses.

If you are a Secondary Education or College graduate who meets the qualifications for Diploma and Diploma courses, it is recommended that you carefully submit your applications in order to increase the likelihood of admission into the program you wish to join for the academic year 2023/2024. Be sure to direct your applications to the correct college and verify that you satisfy all the eligibility criteria.

If you’re eager to join a program within the realm of Health and Allied Sciences at a Tanzanian institution, You are required to submit your application via the Central Admission System (CAS) hosted on the National Council for Technical Education’s official website:

Maombi Ya Vyuo Vya Afya 2023/2024 | NACTE Application for Health and Allied Sciences
Maombi Ya Vyuo Vya Afya 2023/2024

Overview of Health and Allied Sciences Collages Programmes | Vyuo Vya Afya

Health and allied sciences programs help prepare you for a rewarding career in the healthcare field. These programs provide comprehensive training, arming students with knowledge and skills in disciplines such as nursing, radiography, medical laboratory technology, and pharmacy. Certificates and diplomas offered through health and allied science programs open up many avenues for contributing to individuals’ well-being as well as that of society.

The health and allied sciences field is expansive, with a variety of program options representing different career aspirations. Before starting the application process, it’s always important to understand each program choice and requirement need for admission. With many available programs – such as registered nurse, medical laboratory technologist, and healthcare administrator – you can find one that aligns best with your goals.

Some of the popular health and allied sciences certificate and diploma programs in Tanzania include:

Nursing Programs

Nursing programs provide students with the education and skills to become highly-competent professionals. These programs feature a combination of classroom learning and practical experience, equipping students with the knowledge to be successful nurses. With an emphasis on evidence-based care, this comprehensive approach ensures that individuals have the skills to deliver quality care to clients of all ages.

Medical Laboratory Technology Programs

Medical laboratory technology courses equip students with the techniques and procedures used to diagnose and treat diseases. During their training, they develop the ability to conduct laboratory tests, evaluate the results, and work together with healthcare workers to guarantee precise and timely medical attention to patients.

Pharmacy Technician Programs

Pharmacy technician training emphasizes developing competencies in the accurate dispensation of drugs, compounding medications, and delivering fundamental pharmaceutical services. Those who finish these programs are integral to the success of pharmacists, helping to ensure safe and successful drug usage.

Entry Requirements For Health and Allied Sciences 2023/2024

Before applying for admission into Health and Allied Sciences courses offered by different collages , it is essential to familiarize yourself with the minimum admission criteria for health and allied sciences programs. Requirements may vary depending on the specific program and educational institution but there are general requirement set by NACTE and applicable to all collages in Tanzania. These general requirements are as follows.

Applicants who wish to study Health and Allied Sciences in Tanzania must meet the program’s minimum entry requirements. In general, students must have four passes on their Certificate of Secondary Education Examination (CSEE) in non-religious subjects. It is important to note that certain Health and Allied Sciences courses programs may also have specific additional criteria which applicants will need to satisfy.

You can check Specific entry requirements for all courses in the NACTEVET Guide book Here

Maombi Ya Vyuo Vya Afya | NACTE Application For Health and Allied Sciences 2023/2024

The application process for health and allied sciences programs done via the National Council For Technical And Vocational Education And Training Central Admission System (CAS).

The Central Admission System (CAS), which was enabled by NCTVET, is a centralized platform designed to streamline the admissions process for health and allied science institutions. Its main focus is to promote fairness and transparency while also simplifying the application process. CAS seeks to provide an efficient system that enables applicants in their admission journey.

CAS provides a unified framework for students to apply to multiple institutions simultaneously, saving time and effort. Additionally, it enables institutions to efficiently manage the admission process and allocate seats based on merit while using small period of time. Follow the steps below to successfully apply for admission using CAS:


Scroll Down and click on the links shown at the end of the website as shown on the image below


Then proceed by answering step by step questions and fill in required fields with your correct information. Here you will be asked to answer following questions

  • Have you completed O’ Level (CSEE)?
  • Where did you completed your O’ Level (CSEE)?
  • When did you complete your O’ Level (CSEE)?
  • Your form four Index Number
  • Your Email Address and Mobile Phone Number

Once done providing answers as required click on “Continue” button. Then keep on follow onscreen instruction until the system show Registration complete message.

  1. While applying in National Council For Technical And Vocational Education And Training Central Admission System, Remember
  2. For successful completion of the application process, it is a must to provide a valid email and  a valid phone number. This information will be used for correspondence with the individual applying.
  3. Choose your program based on established entry requirements. Consider your qualifications when making a decision on which courses you will apply. Note; You have the option to choose up to 12 institutions/programs.
  4. Applicants must pay the non-refundable application fee of Tshs.10,000/= for each institution they apply to, with a maximum fee of Tshs.30,000/= for additional choices.
  5. Upon submission, you will receive a Control Number that is required for the payment of the application fees.
  6. Payments can be made through Mobile Money services or at a bank.

For any inquiry regarding Maombi Ya Vyuo Vya Afya 2023/2024 | NACTE Application for Health and Allied Sciences please call NACTVET from 09:00 to 15:30 working days on Headquarters (Dar es salaam) – 0738 253421 or write to [email protected]

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