Makato Ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023

Makato Ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023 | NMB ATM Withdrawal Charges 2023

NMB Bank stands out as a premier financial institution in Tanzania. Its reputation for excellence is rooted in its extensive branch network, the accessibility of its banking services, and the widespread availability of agents and ATMs. This commitment to quality has led to a growing number of Tanzanians choosing NMB Bank for their personal and business financial requirements.

NMB bank, like other banks around the world, imposes fees for a range of banking services. However, notably in Tanzania, NMB stands as the sole bank renowned for offering more competitive rates, surpassing all other banks, even when it comes to ATM withdrawal charges.

Makato Ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023

Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) are a convenient way to access cash, but they can come with fees. In Tanzania, NMB Bank charges for ATM withdrawals, depending on the type of ATM and the amount withdrawn.

NMB Bank have a strong network of ATMs strategically located across the country. These ATMs offer a variety of services, including cash withdrawals, balance inquiries, money transfers and more. Customers can access these services 24/7, making it very convenient for individuals with busy lives.

Makato Ya Kutoa Pesa NMB ATM 2023

If you are NMB Bank customer or a customer of another bank such as CRDB, Equity, NBC or Mkombozi Bank looking to know the new NMB ATM withdrawal charges before using an NMB ATM, you’ve come to the right place! Here are all the NMB ATM charges for NMB and non-NMB customers.

NMB ATM Balance Enquiry Charges:

  • NMB ATM Balance Enquiry: TZS 360
  • Others (Domestic) ATM Balance Enquiry: TZS 950
  • Others (International) ATM Balance Enquiry: TZS 1,180

NMB ATM Withdrawal Charges 2023

  • ATM Withdrawal from other Domestic banks (off us): TZS 3,540
  • ATM Withdrawal outside Tanzania: TZS 7,080
  • ATM access fee (International customers): TZS 14,750

Account Statements:

  • ATM Min Statement: TZS 413

Transaction Limits per day 1,000,000

ATM withdraw Limit per Day

  1. ChapChap Debit Card: TZS 1,000,000
  2. Tanzanite Debit Card: TZS 1,000,000
  3. Titanium Debit Card: TZS 3,000,000
  4. World Debit Card: TZS 5,000,000
  5. Business Debit Card: TZS 5,000,000
  6. Prepaid Card: TZS 1,000,000
  7. Platinum Credit Card: TZS 3,000,000
  8. World Credit Card: TZS 5,000,000
  9. Corporate Credit Card: TZS 5,000,000

Tips to Minimize NMB ATM Withdrawal Charges

While ATM withdrawal charges are an unavoidable aspect of using ATMs, there are several strategies you can employ to minimize these expenses:

1. Choose NMB ATMs: If you are a NMB Bank customer, try to use NMB ATMs as much as possible. This will help you stay within your free monthly withdrawal limit and avoid unnecessary fees.

2. Plan Your Withdrawals: Instead of withdrawing a little money every now and then, plan your cash needs in advance and withdraw a lot of money regularly. This can help you save on transaction fees over time.

3. Use NMB Bank’s Online Services: Consider using NMB Bank’s online banking services, which allow you to make electronic transfers and payments without incurring ATM withdrawal charges.

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