Majina Ya Wanafunzi Na Shule Walizopangiwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024

Majina Ya Wanafunzi Na Shule Walizopangiwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024 | Majina ya wanafunzi na shule walizopangiwa 2024 form five Selection By TAMISEMI | Majina Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024 pdf

Tens of thousands of students sit for the Certificate of Secondary Education examination (CSEE) each year. From this pool, the top students are selected to join different government owned form five school and collages to pursue the two-year Advanced level Secondary Education or technical certificates depending on the student’s desire and performance on the Form four examination.

This process is known as Form Five selection and it’s a very competitive process. In order to be selected, students must have scored high marks in their National form four exams. The Form Five selection 2024 process is overseen by the President’s Office, Regional Administration and Local Government Tanzania (PO-RALG) and the National Council for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (NACTVET).

If you’re a student who complete the national form four examination in 2022 and get three credit passes, then this article is for you. We’ll take a look at the Form Five selection process and provide some tips on how to check Majina Ya Wanafunzi Na Shule Walizopangiwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024.

Majina Ya Wanafunzi Na Shule Walizopangiwa Kidato Cha Tano 2023

Majina Ya Wanafunzi Na Shule Walizopangiwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024 | Form five Selection 2024

Following the publication of the results of the fourth form 2022 examination, the selection process for students to join the form five in Government advanced secondary schools and Colleges of Education and Technical Training in 2024 has officially begun. This exercise is based on statistics from students from Mainland Tanzania who took the Form Four Examination (candidates) in 2022. Based on their performance in form four examinations, all pupils will be assigned to schools to begin form five education.

JUST IN: Minister Kairuki announced the assignment of 1,878 students to eight special secondary schools, which includes 1,097 females and 781 boys. Kilakala, Mzumbe, Ilboru, Kisimiri, Msalato, Kibaha, Tabora Boys, and Tabora Girls are the schools. Furthermore, 188,128 students who satisfied the requirements were chosen and assigned to the form five in various schools and institutions around the country.

The results of the Form four exam in 2022 indicate that 192,348 candidates achieved success with grades ranging from division one to division three. Among them, 188,128 candidates were from mainland Tanzania, comprising 84,509 girls and 103,619 boys.

Checking Majina Ya Wanafunzi Na Shule Walizopangiwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024

Majina Ya Wanafunzi Na Shule Walizopangiwa Kidato Cha Tano ka mwaka wa masomo 2024-2024 have not yet been announced by TAMISEMI. Every one will be able to access them after they are release online.

To check the complete list of all students selected to joing form five in the 2024-2024 academic year once announced, you need to visit TAMISEMI official website at For more detailed guide please check our previous post here Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Majina Ya Waliochaguliwa Kujiunga Na Kidato Cha Tano 2024

Alternatively you can use the direct links shared below.

Majina ya wanafunzi na shule walizopangiwa 2024


Majina Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024

  1. Form Five Selection 2024 Tabora | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Tabora
  2. Form Five Selection 2024 Tanga | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Tanga
  3. Form Five Selection 2024 Mwanza | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Mwanza
  4. Form Five Selection 2024 Lindi | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Lindi
  5. Form Five Selection 2024 Kilimanjaro | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Kilimanjaro
  6. Form Five Selection 2024 Katavi | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Katavi
  7. Form Five Selection 2024 Kagera | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Mkoa Wa Kagera
  8. Form Five Selection 2024 Iringa Region | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Iringa
  9. Form Five Selection 2024 Geita | Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano Geita
  10. Form Five Selection 2024 Dar Es Salaam | Waliochaguliwa Kidato cha Tano Dar Es Salaam

While waiting for the announcement of 2024 form five selection (Majina Waliochaguliwa Kidato Cha Tano 2024), you should prepare yourself by going to pre-form five and reading the rules that are used in form five schools. You can also read the form five curriculum and make yourself familiar with it.

This will be very helpful when you start studying as it will enable you to know what to expect from your form five school, and you can start preparing early.

Below we have listed some rules which are applicable to most government advanced level secondary schools. A student is not allowed to do the following while at form five school:

  1. Absenteeism
  2. Roaming
  3. Fornication and adultery.
  4. Theft and lies.
  5. Marijuana smoking or alcoholism of any kind.
  6. Drug use.
  7. Tampering with, destroying or disrespecting national symbols such as the Flag and the National Anthem.
  8. Fighting, swearing or yelling.
  9. Giving abusive language to anyone.
  10. Boycott lessons, punishments and any instructions given.
  11. Chaos and provocation.
  12. Not doing the test and practice on purpose and without specific information.
  13. To hide evil, criminals and crimes.
  14. Criminal offence.
  15. Getting and getting an abortion.
  16. Sleeping more than one student in the same bed.
  17. Covering the curtains around the bed (building a “ghetto” in the dormitory).
  18. Getting married.
  19. Using motorcycle transportation (bodaboda) when coming to or leaving school.
  20. Misusing public property and thus causing damage and loss.
  21. Going outside the school boundaries without special permission.

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