Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili Utumishi Wa Uma 2022

Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili Utumishi Wa Uma 2022

Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili Utumishi Wa Uma 2022: Secretary of the Public Service Employment Secretariat on behalf of Bugando Hospital (BMC), Ocean Road Cancer Institute (ORCI), Kilimanjaro Christian Hospital (KCMC), Benjamin Mkapa Hospital (BMH), Orthopedic Institute Muhimbili (MOI), Tanzania Meteorological Authority (TMA), Registration Board of Contractors (ERB), Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute (TAWIRI), National Kiswahili Council (BAKITA), National Council for Vocational Education and Vocational Training (NACTEVET), Institute of Accountancy Arusha (IAA) and the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology would like to inform all job applicants who applied for a job that the interview is expected to be conducted from 10 – 12 September, 2022 and finally assign job centers to the job applicants who pass the interview.

Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili Utumishi Wa Uma 2022
Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili Utumishi Wa Uma 2022

Important things To Consider

  • The interview will be held 10 – 12 September, 2022 as shown in this announcement; the time and place where the interview will take place is specified for each Cadre;
  • Each interviewee must arrive at the interview area wearing a mask;
  • Each Interviewee should have identification for identification;
  • Acceptable IDs are among the following: – Resident ID, Voter’s ID, Driver’s License, Identification Letter from Local/Village Government, Citizenship ID or Passport;
  • Interviewees must bring their ORIGINAL CERTIFICATES, beginning with the certificate of birth, form IV, VI, Diploma, Higher Diploma, Degree, and may continue to rely on the Applicant’s credentials.
  • Interviewees who provide “Testimonials,” “Provisional Results,” “Statement of Results,” form V and form VI results slips) WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED OR ALLOWED TO CONTINUE WITH THE INTERVIEW.
  • Each interviewee will pay for food, travel, and lodging;
  • Each interviewee should take into account the date, time, and location of his interview;
  • For applicants who studied outside of Tanzania, ensure that their certificates have been reviewed and approved by the relevant Authority (such as TCU, NACTE, or NECTA);
  • Job candidates whose names did not appear in this posting should be aware that they did not match the requirements.
  • For all who are required to be registered with their Professional Boards, they should bring their Original Certificates of Registration along with Licenses to practice work; and
  • All interviewees called to the interview should make sure they log in to their accounts and copy the test number because those numbers will no longer be available.

Check Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili Utumishi Wa Uma 2022

For more information and complete list of candidates selected for interview at different sectors as shown above please download the official document from the link shared below

Click Here Latest Interview Announcement

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