Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA 2022

Names Called For Interview At Tanzania Revenue Authority | Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA 2022

The Tanzania Revenue Authority is a semi-autonomous Government Agency of the United Republic of Tanzania. TRA is one of the places where many graduates wish to find a job after completing their university studies. To get a job at TRA, you need to follow the job advertisements published through the website and then follow the instructions that will be attached to the advertisement in order to be able to apply for open jobs.

In many cases, there are many applicants for jobs advertised in TRA, so the competition is also high, so it is good to prepare well to be able to get a job in TRA. If you asked for latest job opportunities at TRA and attended written interview then we have brought you the list of applicants selected for oral interview

Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA 2022

All candidates shortlisted for the second interview must adhere to the time and place of the interview as specified in the announcement to be called to the interview.

  • All shortlisted candidates must arrive at the interview venue wearing a Mask
  • All shortlisted candidates are reminded to bring their original certificates.
  • All shortlisted candidates must come with their original IDs


Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA Shortlisted 2023

The table below shows the number of applicants shortlisted for CUSTOMS ASSISTANT II Tanzania Revenue Authority oral interview. For complete list and other post list of selected applicants please download the official document from the link provided below the table.

SNo Interview No Score Remarks
1 PSRS/22/4050/1347 84 SELECTED
2 PSRS/22/4050/1444 79 SELECTED
3 PSRS/22/4050/1244 79 SELECTED
4 PSRS/22/4050/1820 77 SELECTED
5 PSRS/22/4050/1645 77 SELECTED
6 PSRS/22/4050/1817 76 SELECTED
7 PSRS/22/4050/0159 76 SELECTED
8 PSRS/22/4050/1193 76 SELECTED
9 PSRS/22/4050/1142 75 SELECTED
10 PSRS/22/4050/0735 75 SELECTED
11 PSRS/22/4050/1723 74 SELECTED
12 PSRS/22/4050/1311 74 SELECTED
13 PSRS/22/4050/2052 74 SELECTED
14 PSRS/22/4050/1823 73 SELECTED
15 PSRS/22/4050/1292 73 SELECTED
16 PSRS/22/4050/1150 73 SELECTED
17 PSRS/22/4050/2355 73 SELECTED
18 PSRS/22/4050/1431 73 SELECTED
19 PSRS/22/4050/1706 72 SELECTED
20 PSRS/22/4050/2161 72 SELECTED
21 PSRS/22/4050/2150 71 SELECTED
22 PSRS/22/4050/0557 71 SELECTED
23 PSRS/22/4050/0556 70 SELECTED
24 PSRS/22/4050/2291 70 SELECTED
25 PSRS/22/4050/0515 69 SELECTED
26 PSRS/22/4050/2093 69 SELECTED
27 PSRS/22/4050/0008 69 SELECTED
28 PSRS/22/4050/0057 69 SELECTED
29 PSRS/22/4050/1940 68 SELECTED
30 PSRS/22/4050/0660 68 SELECTED
31 PSRS/22/4050/1813 68 SELECTED
32 PSRS/22/4050/1379 68 SELECTED
33 PSRS/22/4050/0670 68 SELECTED
Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA 2022
Majina Ya Walioitwa Kwenye Usaili TRA 2022
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