List Of Government Health Colleges In Tanzania 2022

The Complete List Of Government Health Colleges In Tanzania 2022/2023 | Orodha ya vyuo Vya Afya Vya Serikali Tanzania

A health college is a school that offers programs in medical and health-related fields. These colleges can provide students with a wide range of programs, from certificate and diploma programs to full bachelor’s and master’s degrees. Health colleges can provide students with the skills they need to enter a variety of careers in the medical field. Some of these careers include Physician assistant, Nurse practitioner, Occupational therapist and many others

In Tanzania, health colleges can be found in large cities like Dar es Salaam and Mwanza, as well as smaller areas like Iringa and Njombe. Dar es Salaam is home to some of the most prestigious medical schools. If you are looking to study at a health college in Tanzania, we have compiled a list of some of the colleges from which to choose.

The list is not exhaustive, but it does include some of the best-known and most respected health colleges in Tanzania. Before you make any decisions about which college to attend, we highly recommend that you visit its website and learn more about what they offer.

List Of Government Health Colleges In Tanzania 2022

  1. Amo Training Centre Tanga
  2. Bugando School Of Nursing
  3. Centre For Educational Development In Health Arusha
  4. Clinical Officers Training Centre Kigoma
  5. Clinical Officers Training Centre Mafinga
  6. Clinical Officers Training Centre Maswa
  7. Clinical Officers Training Centre Mtwara
  8. Clinical Officers Training Centre Musoma
  9. Clinical Officers Training Centre Songea
  10. Clinical Officers Training Centre Sumbawanga
  11. Dar Es Salaam Police Academy
  12. Dental Therapists Training Centre Tanga
  13. Dodoma Institute Of Health And Allied Sciences
  14. Geita School Of Nursing
  15. Kagemu School Of Environmental Health Sciences
  16. Kahama School Of Nursing
  17. Kcmc Amo Anaesthesia School
  18. Kcmc Amo General School
  19. Kcmc School Of Nursing
  20. Kibaha College Of Health And Allied Sciences
  21. Kibondo School Of Nursing
  22. Kilosa Clinical Officers Training Centre
  23. Kiomboi School Of Nursing
  24. Kondoa School Of Nursing
  25. Lake Zone Health Training Institute
  26. Lugalo Military Medical School
  27. Masasi Clinical Officers Training Centre
  28. Mbeya College Of Health Sciences
  29. Mbulu School Of Nursing
  30. Mirembe School Of Nursing – Dodoma
  31. Mkomaindo School Of Nursing
  32. Morogoro Public Health Nursing School
  33. Muhimbili Institute Of Allied Sciences
  34. Nachingwea School Of Nursing
  35. Ngudu School Of Environmental Health Sciences
  36. Njombe Institute Of Health And Allied Sciences (Njihas)
  37. Nzega Nursing School
  38. Primary Health Care Institute
  39. Same School Of Nursing
  40. School Of Dental Therapists Mbeya
  41. School Of Optometry Kcmc
  42. School Of Physiotherapy Kcmc
  43. Singida College Of Health Sciences And Technology
  44. Tanga School Of Nursing
  45. Tarime School Of Nursing
  46. Training Centre For Health Records Technology
List Of Government Health Colleges In Tanzania
List Of Government Health Colleges In Tanzania

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