Kozi za VETA Na Gharama Zake 2023

Kozi za VETA Na Gharama Zake 2023

If you want to increase your skills in your CV then courses offered at various Vocational Education and Training Authority institutes may be a great option for you. These courses are specifically designed to help aspiring students improve their CV and get a job.

There are a number of courses that you can take in order to help improve your skills and qualifications. Not only will this make you more appealing to potential employers, but it will also help you to get the job that you want. Here we’ll have brought you some of the most popular VETA courses along with information on how much may cost you to be enrolled into the program

Kozi za VETA Na Gharama Zake 2022

Kozi za VETA Na Gharama Zake Chuo Cha Ufundi Stadi Na Huduma Dakawa

JINA LA Kozi Gharama
Udereva wa awali  (Basic Driving of Motor Vehicle) Bweni 320,000
Udereva wa awali (Basic Driving of Motor Vehicle) Kutwa 220,000
Umeme  wa majumbani (Electrical Installation) Bweni 505,000
Umeme  wa majumbani (Electrical Installation) Kutwa 260,000
Matumizi ya Compyuta (Computer Application) Bweni 505,000
Matumizi ya Compyuta (Computer Application) Kutwa 260,000
Ushonaji Nguo (DSCT) Bweni 505,000
Ushonaji Nguo (DSCT) Kutwa 260,000
Ufundi Bomba (Plumbing and Pipe Fittings) Bweni 505,000
Ufundi Bomba (Plumbing and Pipe Fittings) Kutwa 260,000
Uungaji wa vyuma kwa umeme (Welding and Fabrication) Bweni 505,000
Uungaji wa vyuma kwa umeme (Welding and Fabrication) Kutwa 260,000
Ufundi uashi (Masonry and Bricklaying) Bweni 505,000
Ufundi uashi (Masonry and Bricklaying) Kutwa 260,000
Ufundi useremala (Carpentry and Joinery) Bweni 505,000
Ufundi useremala (Carpentry and Joinery) Kutwa 260,000
Ufundi viatu (Leather Goods) Bweni 505,000
Ufundi viatu (Leather Goods) Kutwa 260,000
Ufundi wa Zana za kilimo (Agro Mechanics) Bweni 505,000
Ufundi wa Zana za kilimo (Agro Mechanics) Kutwa 260,000
Mapishi (Food  Production) Bweni 600,000
Mapishi (Food  Production) Kutwa 350,000
Secretarial (Uhazil)  Bweni 550,000
Secretarial (Uhazil) Kutwa 300,000

Kozi za VETA Na Gharama Zake Chuo Cha Ufundi Stadi Na Huduma Dodoma

Jina La Kozi Gharama
Basic Driving Course 225,000
Psv (Passenger Service Vehicle) Course 300,000
Driving Refresher Course 100,000
PlumbingAnd Pipe Fitting-Stg 1 300,000
Electrical Installation-Stg 1 300,000
Electrical Installation-Stg 2 320,000
Electrical Installation-Stg 3 320,000
Motor Vehicle Mechanics Course 300,000
Auto Cad Skills Course 300,000
Garden Maintenance 300,000
Solar Power Technology 300,000
Aluminium DoorsAnd Windows Making 415,000
Steel Fixing 300,000
Basic Housekeeping 300,000
Food Production 415,000
Basic FoodAnd Bevarage Services 300,000
Front Office Operation 300,000
Drainage System Construction 340,000
Land Scapping 340,000
Hair DressingAnd Beautification 415,000
Making Meat Cuts 680,000
Preservation Of Hides & Skins 680,000
Sausage Making 390,000
Interlocking Blocks Making 290,000
Culvet Pipes Making 180,000
Floor Tiles Fixing 180,000
Colour Making 295,000
Basic Electronics 300,000
BasicArch Welding 300,000
Basic Gas Welding 300,000
Basic Sign Writing 300,000
Basic Tricycle Riding 105,000
Basic Computer Application 250,000
Basic Computer Application 250,000
Motorcycle Riding (Bodaboda) 70,000
Motor Cycle Repair 300,000

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