Kikosi Cha Yanga Vs USM Alger Leo 3 June 2023

Kikosi Cha Yanga Vs USM Alger Leo 3 June 2023 | Kikosi Cha Yanga Dhidi Ya USM Alger Fainali Ya Kombe La Shirikisho Afrika | Kikosi Cha Yanga Kinachoanza Dhidi Ya Usm Alger

Yanga Club is preparing for another difficult struggle today after losing in the first round of the CAF Confederation Cup finals at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam. They will square off against USM Alger once more in a decider for the 2022/2023 winner CAF Confederation Cup.

Yanga Club was unfortunate in the preceding meeting with their rivals, resulting in them being unable to accomplish a win on home turf. Nevertheless, this disappointment only inspired them to commit themselves even further toward securing success in the upcoming fixture. The teams’s players and instructors have evaluated their performance, pinpointed areas of progress, and have taken great pains in resolving any misdeeds that could hamper their play later. Now they are geared up to demonstrate prominent efficacy out on the field!

As the rematch approaches, the electric atmosphere is palpable. Fans of Yanga Club are raring to witness their team triumph and turn the tables on their opponents. The players understand that they have a loyal following who expect nothing but victory from them and are trying their best to make their supporters proud. Every day they work hard at practising, refining their skills, and developing game plans to counter USM Alger’s formidable abilities.

USM Alger, on the other hand, will not rest on their laurels following their first victory. They recognize that Yanga Club will return stronger and more determined than ever. USM Alger’s players have also been hard at work, researching their opponents’ tactics and devising strategies to keep their edge. They will go into the game with confidence, hoping to win the CAF Confederation Cup for the first time.

Kikosi Cha Yanga Vs USM Alger Leo 3 June 2023
Kikosi Cha Yanga Vs USM Alger Leo 3 June 2023

Kikosi Cha Yanga Vs USM Alger Leo 3 June 2023

Here, we present a possible lineup for Yanga SC (Utabiri; Kikosi Cha Yanga Dhidi Ya USM Alger) as they prepare to face USM Alger in the final of the CAF Confederation Cup 2022/2023.

Goalkeeper: Djigui Diarra, the outstanding Malian goalkeeper, has been a constant and dependable presence in the Yanga Sc goal all season. Djigui Diarra Screen Protector, known for his remarkable shot-stopping talents and dominating presence, has instilled trust in both his teammates and Yanga Club followers.

Defence: Yanga Sc’ defence has been solid throughout the season, with captain Bakari Nondo Mwamnyeto leading from the back. We expect Mwamnyeto to be joined in defence by Dickson Job, Kibwana Shomari, and Bacca.

Midfield: In midfield, Bangala Litombo and Aucho are likely to play in a holding role, while Tussila Kisinda and Musonda will provide attacking support from the flanks. Stephane Aziz Ki is expected to play in the number 10 role behind the striker.

Attack: Up front, Congolese forward Fiston Kalala Mayele is expected to lead the line for Yanga Sc. Mayele has been in good form this season, scoring 16 goals in 27 NBC Premier league appearances.

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