Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Leo 17/12/2022

Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Lineups (Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Leo 17/12/2022 | Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc Dhidi Ya Polisi Tanzania Leo)

The young Africans Sc back on the NBC premier league action today hosting Polisi Tanzania from Moshi at Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es salaam. The match will start 19:00 and can be watched from Azam Tv live.

Yanga SC have started the second round of the Tanzania Premier League against the Tanzania Police who played with them in the opening match of the Premier League this season where Yanga SC emerged with a 2-1 victory at the Sheikh Amri Abedi Stadium in Arusha.

In preparation for this game, the Yanga Sc team has practiced at their ground in Avic Ton, Kimbiji, Dar Es Salaam where they have performed well to ensure that they continue their winning streak and keep their top position on the NBC Premier league standings.

Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Leo 17/12/2022
Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc kikifanya mazoezi kuikabili Polisi Tanzania Leo

Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Leo 17/12/2022

The official lineup for Yanga Sc against Polisi Tanzania (Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Leo) will be released one hour before the game start start. While we are waiting for that we have tried to pick what we thing Yanga Sc will bring on the table on today’s encounter basing on the current players form and injury status.

Due to the importance of this game, Undoubtedly Nasreddine Nabi will introduce the players who will guarantee him three points in the first minutes of the game. Due to this we expect to see the following Young Africans Sc squad starting in today encounter against Polisi Tanzania at 19:00:

UTABIRI: Kikosi Cha Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Leo

  1. Goal Keeper: Diarra
  2. Central Back: Kibwana
  3. Left Back: Lomalisa
  4. Right Back: Job
  5. Central Back: Bangala
  6. Holding Midfielder: Aucho
  7. Central Midfielder: Feisal
  8. Right Wing: Moloko
  9. Stricker: Mayele
  10. Attacking Midfielder: Aziz Ki
  11. Left Wing: Kisinda

Player To Watch in The Yanga Sc Vs Polisi Tanzania Clash

In this game, without a doubt, Fiston Mayele and Feisal Salum will be the most dangerous players in the defense of the Tanzanian Police. Mayele, who became the best player in the Premier League in November, is in good form and has a great ability to find goals from all angles.

In the case of Feisal, it is a question that every Yanga sc fans or NBC premier league lover knows that he is a player who has made a great contribution to the Yanga team and is a big threat to the opposing team. Yanga Sc starting eleven is no doubt filled with great talents that can change the atmosphere in the pitch at any second but if Tanzania police win in put Mayele and Feisal in their guide they may change the out of the match and surprises a lot of Yanga sc fans.

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