Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Azam Fc Leo 21/02/2023

Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Azam Fc Leo 21/02/2023 | Kikosi Cha Simba Leo Dhidi Ya Azam FC Ligi Kuu | Kikosi cha simba dhidi ya Azam NBC Premier league

Simba Sc is making their return to the NBC Premier League after a tough outing in the CAF Champions League, where they were defeated 3-0 by Morocco’s Azam Fc. Today, they will be facing off against AZAM Fc of Chamanzi at the Benjamn stadium in what promises to be an exciting match, scheduled for 7:00 pm.

Simba SC takes the field with a powerful determination to make up for their previous defeat. A sweltering summer evening sparks heated competition between these two talented teams, and promises fans an unforgettable show of sportsmanship and skill.

Simba club have recently hit a disappointing streak, with their passionate fans unable to watch them come out victorious. As match after match ends in defeat for the beloved team, fingers are beginning to point at both the coach and leadership as they try desperately to turn things around.

Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Azam Fc Leo

The battle between Simba SC and Azam promises to be an electrifying experience, with the two sides bracing for a titanic clash. Popularly known as Mzizima derby, this match is sure to bring out the best of both teams in what will no doubt be a fiercely competitive game.

Both fanbases are eagerly waiting for plenty of action-packed moments from their players – who have already proven themselves on numerous occasions before – potentially resulting in goal-scoring chances that can sway either way depending on form, injuries or team morale at any given time . No one dares make predictions until after the final whistle blows; it’s all down to which side has more fire power behind them!

Here we will bring you Lineups for Simba Sc as they face Azam Fc (Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Azam Fc Leo 21/02/2023) in the NBC Premier league match and predicted lineups along with some details you may need to knw about this clash.

Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Azam Fc Leo 21/02/2023

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  • Goalkeeper: Aishi Manula
  • Defenders: Shomari Kapombe, Mohamed Hussein, Joash Onyango and Henock Inonga
  • Midfielders: Sadio Kanoute, Clatous Chama, and Mzamiru Yassin
  • Forwards: Moses Phiri, Pape Sakho and John Bocco

Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Azam Fc Leo 21/02/2023

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