Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Al Ahly Leo 20 October 2023

Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Al Ahly Leo 20 October 2023 | Kikosi Cha Simba Leo Dhidi Ya Al Ahly: The African Football League (AFL) will begin its official inauguration with an exciting match between Simba and Al Ahly, scheduled to take place at the Benjamin Mkapa Stadium in Dar es Salaam. In this highly anticipated match, Simba SC, the football giant of Tanzania and the sole representatives of the East African region, carry the hopes and expectations of their passionate fans to start the championship with a resounding victory.

Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Al Ahly Leo 20 October 2023

Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Al Ahly Leo 20 October 2023

In the opening match of the AFL, Simba SC will no doubt field their best players, aiming to secure an early victory within the limited opportunities they have. Key players such as Cloutus Chama, Jean Baleke and Sadio Ntabazonkiza are expected to spearhead the offensive efforts in an attempt to break down Al Ahly’s defence.

On the other hand, Al Ahly have a squad full of some of the best football talents in Africa, making them a team capable of achieving results at any time. Consequently, the Simba coach must meticulously orchestrate his team’s strategy, striking a balance between his offensive activities and solid defensive play to chase championship glory while at the same time thwarting the opponent’s goal attempts.

Below we have take a look on how Simba Sc will lineup as they are facing Al Ahly (Kikosi Cha Simba Vs Al Ahly Leo)

  • 1 Ally
  • 12 Kapombe
  • 15 Hussein
  • 28 Kennedy
  • 20 Che Malone
  • 20 Mzamiru
  • 6 Ngoma
  • 17 Chama Bocco
  • 10 Ntibazonkiz
  • 38 Kibu

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