Kibondo Secondary School Results 2023

Form Six Kibondo Secondary School Results 2023 | Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Sita Kibondo Secondary School | Kibondo Secondary Form Six Results 2023

As a recent graduate or parent/guardian of a Form Six student at Kibondo Secondary School, you may be looking forward to the 2023 announcement of the NECTA (National Examination Council) Form Six exam results.

The 2022/2024 Kibondo Secondary School Form Six results are expected to be released at the end of June 2023. Keep your eye on the calendar for further updates about this exciting event! This article contains the latest news on the Release of NECTA Form Six examination results. Additionally, we will detail the steps necessary to check Kibondo Secondary School results once they are officially released by the National Examination Council. Stay informed with all relevant updates and information regarding this important academic milestone.

Kibondo Secondary School Results 2023

Kibondo Secondary School, has an impressive record of excellence across a variety secondary and advanced level performance; notably, its excellent track record of achieving success in the Form Four and Form Six national examinations. The school’s beautiful location has supported a culture of learning and encouraged students to achieve their academic goals. It is one of the longest standing educational institutions in the area, further demonstrating its commitment to providing quality education.

Kibondo Secondary School has a long and impressive history of providing top-notch education to students. The school is dedicated to helping each student reach their fullest potential, and the consistent excellent performance in national examinations is proof of this. We owe our outstanding results to a combination of hard work from both students and educators.

Kibondo Secondary School Results 2023


Kibondo Secondary School provides a compelling setting that enriches the learning experience in addition to its academic successes. The peaceful atmosphere, surrounded by natural beauty, provides a perfect setting for students to concentrate on their academics and engage in personal growth. The quiet settings provide a sense of serenity and tranquillity, allowing students to embrace their educational path with passion and a hunger for knowledge.

Kibondo Secondary School is a great example of an educational institution that not only conveys information but also encourages students’ entire development. By combining a calm and attractive setting with high-quality instruction, the school has laid the groundwork for its students’ intelligence, character, and goals.

Checking Kibondo Secondary School Results 2023

If your kid recently graduated from Kibondo Secondary School, you are probably keen to keep track of their academic performance, particularly while awaiting their NECTA form six exams results. Fortunately, it is no longer necessary to physically go to the school in order to access your child’s results.

It’s now so simple and easy to keep an eye on your kid’s progress and make sure they are performing well, all from the convenience of your own home or wherever else you have internet access. How amazing is that? If you don’t know yet how to check Ihungu Secondary School Results, please follow the steps listed below.


Select the year you’d like to view the results for e.g 2023

When you access the full roster of high schools, you can streamline your search by picking those starting with the letter “R.” All you have to do is filter the list by pressing the “K” button and the screen will quickly display an organized list of schools whose names start with that letter.

Galanos Secondary School Results 2023

Then click on the name “Kibondo Secondary School” to check Kibondo Secondary School Results for 2023 academic year. You can print, save or screenshot the results for further reference.

Previous Kibondo Secondary School Performance Form Six Exam

During the 2022 academic year, Kibondo High School once again demonstrated its unwavering dedication to academic excellence, as evidenced by their outstanding performance in the Form Six exams. A remarkable achievement was attained with 169 graduates securing first and second division, while an additional 108 students achieved division three results, bringing great pride to the school.

Notably, Only four students scored division four and division of four or zero, further underscoring the institution’s steadfast commitment to delivering a high-quality education.

2022 Kibondo Secondary School Results Summary | Matokeo Ya Kidato Cha Sita Kibondo Secondary

F 30 139 108 2 2
M 0 0 0 0 0
T 30 139 108 2 2

Kibondo Secondary School stands out due to the dedicated hard work of students, teachers, and staff. Everyone’s dedication and pursuit of educational excellence has created an optimal learning environment for its students and help them reach their full potential. This commitment has allowed the School to be a beacon of success.

Kibondo Secondary School allows students to reach their full potential by combining inspirational surroundings with a devoted teachers. Students benefit from innovative teaching approaches, state-of-the-art facilities, and experienced teachers because to the school’s persistent commitment to providing a great education.

This supportive environment provides the ideal environment for students to realize their full potential, and their extraordinary achievements attest to their readiness for success in further education and the professional realm.

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