Jinsi Ya Kutumia Separate Meter

Jinsi Ya Kuweka Umeme Kwenye Separate Meter | Jinsi Ya Kutumia Separate Meter; Sub-Meters are devices used to monitor and measure electricity consumption in a building, usually in situations where there are multiple tenants or users who need to share the cost of electricity. There are two types of submeters: those that only count the units of electricity used, and those that enable consumers to get electricity for the units they have.

Aina Za Separate Meter | Sub Meter

The first kind of sub-meter, which reads the unit alone, allows you to track your power use every day, week, or month and decide how much you need to pay for the units you’ve used. It is critical to keep track of your consumption since failing to pay for power means continuing to consume the electricity of others. This sort of sub-meter has a deletion behavior, which means that if you do not pay for the power, it will be disconnected.

The second type of sub-meter, which enables you to use electricity for the units you have, works alongside the traditional Tanesco Luku. The process is simple: You put electricity in the Tanesco Luku, and then you have the ability to transfer it to the sub-meter. If the sub-meter runs out of electricity, it will be cut off and you will have to put another power supply in the socket. After that, you can connect it to this sub-meter to continue using it.

Jinsi Ya Kutumia Separate Meter

For example, let’s say there are five tenants in a house and each of them has his own meter. They all donate 5000 shillings each, which is equal to 25000 shillings. This will result in them sharing their units equally, with each person receiving 5000 shillings, which is equal to 14 units each.

If one of the tenants in a building finishes their 14 units, they will lose access to electricity and must buy more by putting money into the Tanesco Luku and then transferring it to their sub-meter. Once the electricity is added to their sub-meter, they can continue using it.

Jinsi Ya Kutumia Separate Meter

Using sub-meter is easy; Once you have one installed, you will be given a username and password that will allow you to distribute electricity to each tenant according to the amount they have paid for. This ensures that each tenant only pays for the electricity they use and that all tenants pay their fair share of the costs.

To put unit on your sub-meter you must access the link you have been provided e.g (  After you open the link on any browser, you will be asked to enter your login and password.

There correctly enter your login details and click on the login button

Jinsi Ya Kutumia Separate Meter 1

Once login, Browser to “Daily Business”, “Electric Meter” then click on “Electric Meter Vending” as shown below

kuhamisha umeme

Fill in Sub-Meter number on the “Meter Code” field and click on search icon. Then input the amount of unit you with to enter in sub-Meter from Main TANESCO Luku and click on “Vending” To complete

Jinsi Ya Kutumia Sub Meter

Once you click on “Vending” and receive your token, you will need to enter it into your sub-meter. The sub-meter will then verify the signal and give an “Accept” response if it is correct. This will allow you to access the power units you purchased and start using them. It is important to ensure that you enter the token correctly to avoid any errors in the verification process.

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