Jinsi Ya Kupata Leseni Ya Biashara Ya Duka La Rejareja

Jinsi Ya Kupata Leseni Ya Biashara Ya Duka La Rejareja | Jinsi ya kurenew leseni ya biashara online

A Business License (Leseni Ya Biashara) is a permit to do business that is issued by the relevant authorities to traders or service providers. In Tanzania Business License is issued in accordance with the Tanzania Business License Law No. 25 of 1972 and its amendments

Business licenses in Tanzania are categorized into two groups which are group A and group B. Group A licenses are business licenses with large capital that include licenses for exporters, telecommunications services, ports, night clubs, insurance, tourism services, banks and other financial institutions as well as currency exchange shops, This group of business licenses is issued by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (B RELA).

Group B is the Business Licenses issued by the Local Government Authorities. In the Local Government Authorities, the one who issues the Business Licenses is the Business Officer of the Council. Group B Business Licenses includes restaurants, regular hotels, cooperatives, insurance agencies, passenger registration, small industries, brokerage, expertise and consulting, wholesale and retail shops.

Kupata Leseni Ya Biashara Ya Duka La Rejareja

Jinsi Ya Kupata Leseni Ya Biashara | Business License Criteria

To simplify the process of applying for a Business License in Tanzania, please follow these steps:

1. Complete the Application Form: Start by filling out the Business License application form.

2. Attach the Required Documents: Ensure you attach the following documents along with your application:

  • Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN): Obtain a TIN document from the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).
  • Company Registration Certificate: If the license is associated with a company, include the company’s registration certificate.
  • Caveat Contract: Include a caveat contract as part of your business plan.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate: Obtain a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Tanzania Revenue Authority (TRA).

3. Additional Requirements for Professional Services: If you are applying for a business license related to professional services, you will also need to attach certificates from the relevant authorities, such as:

  • TCRA Certificate: For telecommunications service licenses.
  • TBS Certificate: For food service businesses.
  • EWURA Certificate: For businesses involved in oil import or distribution.
  • TMDA Certificate: For pharmaceutical businesses.

Jinsi Ya Kupata Leseni Ya Biashara

How To Pay The Business License Fee | Kulipia Leseni Ya Biashara

Business licenses are issued through the Local Government Revenue Collection System and payment is made through the System and not by handing over money to the Council treasurer as it was before. The customer who pays the Business License Fee with all the necessary documents will be prepared as a Bill by the Business Officer and will submit the money to the Bank in the amount written on the Payment Document by the Treasurer of Hal Masauri.”

The Benefits of Having a Business License

  1. Legal recognition.
  2. Help when opening a Business account.
  3. A document used when borrowing money in various financial institutions.
  4. Avoiding the inconvenience of being closed Business.
  5. To develop the national income.

For More Information on Jinsi Ya Kupata Leseni Ya Biashara Ya Duka La Rejareja; Please check or download the pdf document embedded below.

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