Jinsi Ya Kupata Cheti Cha Kuzaliwa Kwa Mtu Mzima 2023

Jinsi Ya Kupata Cheti Cha Kuzaliwa Kwa Mtu Mzima 2023: A birth certificate is a fundamental record which demonstrates proof of a person’s birth and identity. It stores significant data such as the person’s full name, date and location of birth, parent’s names, and other pertinent information.

Apart from basic personal details, birth certificate may also include additional information like the attending physician or midwife’s name, the hospital where the birth took place, and registration numbers. In Tanzania birth certificates are typically managed and issued by the Registration Insolvency and Trusteeship Agency RITA.

Obtaining a birth certificate is vital for a number of applications, for example, legal authentication, getting a passport, registration at school, applying for Higher Education Student Loan and more. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of getting your Birth certificate in Tanzania.

Jinsi Ya Kupata Cheti Cha Kuzaliwa Kwa Mtu Mzima

It is important to register any child’s birth with the necessary authorities within a prescribed time frame. In order to ensure this occurs in a timely manner, the following can be considered:

  1. If the birth occurs in a hospital, health facility, or clinic, make sure to receive a birth announcement before departing. This paper serves as proof of the child’s birth.
  2. In the instance of a home birth, notify either the village’s Executive Officer or the district’s Registrar of Births and Deaths. This information should be submitted within 90 days after the child’s birth.
  3. Submit the birth announcement to the district registrar of births and deaths, indicating the location of the birth.
  4. Be prepared to pay the certificate fee, which is currently fixed at 3500 shillings/=. This price covers the processing and issue of the birth certificate.

Kuandikisha kizazi kilichochelewa kuandikishwa zaidi ya miaka 10

  1. Complete and submit the Generation Registration Form, B3 (to be completed by the parent or guardian).
  2. Paste the photo of the child (passport size) whose offspring has been requested to be registered.
  3. Attach documents, the child’s clinical card, baptism certificate if any, letter from the relevant government authorities such as the county or village executive office), certificate of completion of primary education, certificate of completion of secondary education to confirm the date of birth, place of birth birth and citizenship of parents.
  4. For people who were born a long time ago, you should have two attachments where you will be required to have a nationality card with a vote or health insurance, if the applicant wants to use a car license card, it must be accompanied by a nationality or vote card.
  5. Pay the fee charged (the current fee is Tshs 10,000/=) for the district and 20,000 shillings/= for the headquarters.
Jinsi Ya Kupata Cheti Cha Kuzaliwa Kwa Mtu Mzima
Jinsi Ya Kupata Cheti Cha Kuzaliwa Kwa Mtu Mzima

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