Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel 2022

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel, How To Buy Airtel Bundles In Tanzania: Airtel is a leading African mobile communication company with over 60 million customers. Airtel provides a wide range of services including voice, messaging, data, and mobile money. Airtel Tanzania, which started in October 2001, is Tanzania’s most inventive mobile phone provider, having pioneered several “firsts” in the telecoms industry.

The company places a major emphasis on the customer experience and provides a variety of value-added offerings such as Airtel Bundles. Airtel Bundles are an excellent way to get more bang for your buck. Airtel Bundles provide savings on a variety of services such as phone, internet, and SMS. In addition, the firm provides a number of financial services, such as mobile money transfer and mobile banking.

Airtel offers a variety of mobile phone bundles (Vifurushi Vya Airtel) to its consumers. The firm provides a variety of voice and data bundles tailored to satisfy the demands of various consumers. The voice bundles include minutes, texts, and data, while the data bundles include data only.

This post will explain how to purchase Airtel bundles in Tanzania (Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel). We will also give detailed instructions on how to activate and use the bundles.

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel | How To Buy Airtel Bundles

Airtel Tanzania has introduced many methods for purchasing packages. Each method may be the best option in different situations and dependent on the type of gadget being used. Because of its ease and lack of restrictions, ordering an Airtel Bundle over USSD is one of the simplest and most popular methods. Aside from the USSD method, Airtel bundles may be purchased via the Airtel App, M-pesa, or online. We’ve discussed how to acquire Airtel Bundles (Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel) via all of these options below.

How To Buy Airtel Bundles Via USSD

  1. Dial *149*99# to buy your preferred Airtel Bundle
  2. To subscribe to “Minutes,” dial * 149 * 99 # and then choose “SPECIAL OFFER/UNI.”
  3. Next, choose “UNI OFFER.”
  4. Then select the package with combination you prefer and then select the “length” of your bundle, whether it is for a day, week, or month.
  5. Next, enter the amount you want to pay, beginning with (Shs 500) or more, and then confirm the package you’ve chosen.
  6. Finally, select your payment option (Airtime or M-Pesa) and wait for your bundle to be finalized.

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel Kwa USSD

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel Kwa USSD
Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel Kwa USSD

How To Buy Airtel Bundle Online

  1. To Buy Airtel Internet Bundle online, Visit Airtel.co.tz/bundle-login/login From any internet connected device
  2. Then enter your Airtel number starting with 25575******* and click on Submit.
  3. Then you will receive the OTP sent to you via SMS. Enter the OTP you receive then login.
  4. Once you successful login to Airtel Online, proceed by selecting any bundle available to buy it

Jinsi Ya Kununua Vifurushi Vya Airtel Kwa Airtel App

Download the most recent version of the My Airtel App from your app store to take advantage of all the current features. View and manage your airtime, internet, phone, and SMS balances, as well as purchase bundles, view account information, and receive incentives.

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