Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA Online 2023

Coverage: How To Check NIDA Number Online 2023 | Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA Online

Namba Ya Nida is one of the important things that every Tanzanian should have, this is because it is needed in various services in the country. Without a NIDA number, it is difficult for a person to register a telephone line or even open a bank account. The government of Tanzania has made it mandatory for all Tanzanians to have a NIDA number before they can access any service in the country.

The NIDA number is very important in Tanzania because it helps to identify individuals. In addition, it is used as an identification number by banks and different institutions when dealing with their customers.

If you have completed the primary process of registering yourself for a national identity card, and you have not yet gotten your physical card then the NIDA number can still help you to get many services. All you have to do is know a little how to so as to get your National identity number. If you don’t know how to get NIDA number in Tanzania then please continue reading this article.

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA | Checking NIDA Number

The process of getting NIDA number is pretty simple and straightforward. Currently, there are three ways you may use to get your NIDA number and the good news is all of these methods are very easy and will only take you a few minutes. These three ways include the following:

  1. Visiting NIDA regional offices
  2. Using USSD
  3. Using NIDA Online Services

In This Article we’ll only cover one method which is checking your national identity number online using NIDA Online Services website (Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA Online) because this is more flexible and easy method that can be done at the comfort of your home with just few click on your smartphone or laptop device.

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA Online 2023

Checking the NIDA Number Online is one of the easiest ways anyone can use to get their National ID number quickly. You won’t even have to visit any NIDA office to do this. All you will need is a device that has access to the internet and then follows the list of the simple steps shown below

Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA Online

  1. Open any web browser on you device.
  2. Visit https://services.nida.go.tz/
  3. There you will find a form that you must fill in your information used in the NIDA registration form A. You will need to provide information such as first name, Surname, Birthday and Your mother’s first and second.
  4. Once you done fill all the required information, you must complete the security question by type in the number you see on the picture correctly and then click on the “TUMA” button as shown below.
Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA Online
Jinsi Ya Kuangalia Namba Ya NIDA Online

Thereafter your National identity card number will be shown below. In case the system didn’t show you the number, you may need to double-check the information you fill in the form because a single-word misspelling may result in failure. If all information you have provided is correct its means that your NIDA number is likely not yet processed by NIDA thus you may need to wait for another week.

If your NIDA number is already processed and is ready, you will get an email from NIDA informing you that your application has been accepted and you can now process for the issuance of your National ID card.

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